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Life's Potential
We were Designed
with Joy
in Mind
Branding a New Experience
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Sept 24-26

Weekend Course Fee: $525



Wear your Expando pants. You will not go home in the same pants you arrive in.


Discover soul-satisfaction in a joyful, playful experience of exploration in an introductory weekend of uplifting realization and alignment of your natural life design.  

Discover the joy you were meant to live...


The world is changing and inviting you to release a stressful existence and become more appreciable of your natural qualities. Joy is a natural essence, and an invitation to discover life with more possibility.  

The Soul Joy Weekend Experience is one that immerses your body's natural abilities to flourish, your mind to feel a flush of rejuvenating capability, and your soul to emerge in an abundant lively spirit. This dynamic combination works to engage and inspire your breath-ability, the energy in emotion, exercised laughter, and an insightful way to play that brings out your innate and essential quality of joy.

Emotional Education  •  Breath Ability. •  Laughter Infusion. •. The Potential of Play  •  Essential Joy


Las Vegas

June 26-28

Fee: $300


Join the fun of a weekend of games, play, learning, and laughing. This is an engaging weekend experience that will enhance your brain with cognitive, socio-emotional, sensory, and physical games of neuroplasticity. You will wake up and expand the capacity of your brain and body. Learn all about the neuronal connections you are making while you are having fun. 

Cognitive  •  Physical •  Social. . Emotion  •  Intuitive  •. Sensory 



An Ebook is included in the 12 Days of Play, daily email support, and nightly connection to offer a most expansive experience for all. 

Since 2005
The Annual Game of Thanks
November 1-12

The Power of Play meets the Expansion of Gratitude

Each November we roll out the 12 days of play because it is an innovative way to realize the expansion of gratitude. This game has been played in different parts of the world and enjoyed for its creative ways to appreciate our gratitude potential. This year's proceeds are going to help brain-injury to discover the ability over disability.  Three Levels of Play to choose from.

Feel Inspired and Expansive
1. Receive daily suggestions
2. Participate each day at your own space and pace.

3.Join us nightly  for insight, perspective, and grounding

Natural Guidance
for A Joyful Life

12 week, 24 and 48 Weekly Experiences

Breath Laugh
Listen Ask 
Relate to Everything Better
Sept 1-30
Online Course
Fee: $149




These four essential truths are often utilized when we are learning. Discover four weeks of application to blend and build the characteristics of each element to discover practical applications that evolve each week to a more useful and conscious perceptibility by the month's end. An enjoyably uplifting course that develops the way you relate to everything and everyone better. 

Online Course • Materials Included 
     More Info


A Piece of the Peace   
Unpuzzling Puzzles to Find Your Fit 
May 5 -June 2
Online Course
Fee: $149




Whether you want to reevaluate your passion or discover a new direction, A Piece of the Peace is a 30-day program to explore the pieces of your potential and enjoyably discover a path for your contribution to find your fit. When we explore what brings us peace, we are no longer at odds with ourselves. We add to world peace by discovering our piece of peace and making that count. 

Join us for this 30 Day Experience.

Online Course • Materials Included 
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Build Purpose


Play with


Updating and moving our musings.  Read the Laughter and Life Musings

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