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 Find Your Piece of t he Peace

Unpuzzling anEnjoyable  Purpose and Contribution

May 5 - Jun 2

4 Puzzles • 4 Weekly Calls

Great Realizations  •  Each Tuesday 8 pm CST

Your Fit

Life Can Be Complicated...
We make finding Purpose, Passionate, Simple, and fun!


We seek peace when we lose our focus or our purpose no longer makes sense. it can happen to everyone. To those who don't yet realize a fullness for purpose, it is good to know that defining it can be easier than we might guess.  A Piece of the Peace offers a way to find your fit an internal peace and a practical realization about who you are and what you are here to contribute. 

People without purpose are often at odds with life, getting in touch with what matters and aligns helps us to resonate and redefine meaning and value. We are more than just a job or a role in life, we are intensely amazing individuals with a variety of interests and inspirations that are sometimes just waiting to be activated or invited. During the Piece of the Peace, we play with possibilities and put the pieces together to form a fit that we can appreciate.  


Peace is what comes when we find our fit and how we become part of a world that works. In this way, we discover how to create world peace by becoming it ourselves. When we have found what works and aligns with a soul-satisfaction, we can discover that we are clear, purposeful, and more directed. We are at peace and can realize how to create world peace with ease; as a piece of the peace.   

" Life is the only game we play
to realize what the rules are."


Play is a natural laboratory of curiosity and imagination. It is the one thing that can help us to really understand ourselves and tap into the vast realm of what else we have to discover in the span of a lifetime we are fortunate to experience. The potential of our possibility as a human being is infinite, yet sometimes we just want to know how to do one thing better. Play gives us the richness of both. 

A Piece of the Peace is an opportunity to unpuzzle the puzzles of life and journey into a purposeful and useful FIT that is fun and favorable in understanding and expressing why we exist... or our purpose.

Play along with us this month:

Play to remember the goodness of life

Play to discover a more effortless flow

Play to express what matters

Play to simplify and select more choice

Play to put the fun in function

Play to define Purpose & Passion

People with Purpose 
know peace, play with possibility and create a better world


Find your Peace

Be a piece of the Peace


Realize greater potential through explorative play.

Join this explorative experience utilizing simple daily activities with tools that will affirm insight and offer a peaceful and/or playful perspective that puzzles and unpuzzles.

Discover guidance, interaction, and engagement in four weekly 90 minute calls designed to add a new thought dimension to each week's experience. The fifth and final call is designed as a recap to bring closure and a sense of completion that opens the door to a new beginning.


We will host online Zoom sessions for our connection experience and offer you interactive links to download the necessary tools and materials to navigate the play of each day.


Become a Piece of the Peace
30 Days  $99   

Includes: Facilitation and Guide Material


Our four weekly calls will be held on Tuesdays at 8 pm CST. Details of the call will be sent in the welcome email. 

9pm EST • 8pm CST • 7pm CST • 6pm CST • 5pm AST
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When you Register:
1. You will Receive Welcome Information
2. Join the Four Weekly Classes on Tuesdays
3. Play with pieces of your puzzle daily
4. Recap, Renew and Revel in Purpose!

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