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A Worldwide Program for World Peace


We live in a puzzling world, where complication rules over simplicity. We see it in education systems, financial structures, and political agendas, though it doesn't have to be. When we look at the larger picture in a problematic way, we find it hard to believe there is any chance at a workable solution. Though when we break it down into pieces, everything becomes possible


This walk brings hope for humanity as the program around it looks to utilize the pieces to create a sense of individual peace that builds a more universal peace. It takes each individual to find their fit and we do it in a specially designed program that gives us a look at what keeps us from our own peace and develops a way to bring forth two items that are necessary to communicate how we bring that forth.


Each individual discovers their essential piece of the peace and finds their fit in how they bring their piece of the peace more globally to benefit humanity.

A Global Progam for Peace

First introduced at the 
Global Humanitarian Summit in Atlanta, GA in March of 2016, the Piece of the Peace Labyrinth is traveling the world with messages for humanity showing how each piece makes a difference and can fit their piece of the peace of the world. 

When we individually find our fit as a piece of the peace, we contribute to the greater peace for the world. 



Bring the Piece of the Peace Program to your community
The labyrinth will travel across the United States and Internationally where there is interest in bringing this vital program. 
90 Minute walks
Half-Day Workshops
Full-Day Workshops
Weekend Exploratory Retreats

This creative idea was generated by Lynda Tourloukis, who uses a variety of modalities to engage the well being of the world through its human inhabitants. She guides individuals into light-hearted leadership with a background in leadership and coaching. She is a Master Trainer with Laughter Yoga and a Designer of games and plays for human potential and as an active Labyrinth Designer and Facilitator for the past ten years and for the past four years, she has served as the innovative chair of the Labyrinth Society’s 365 Experience

For more Information: Contact Lynda Tourloukis

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