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 Breathe • Laugh • Listen • Ask

Experience Four Essential Truths

April 1 - April 30

4 Concepts • 4 Weekly Calls

       Apply Mon-Fri       Each Monday 7pm CST

Enjoy a

specialized way

  to enhance


    you do.

•Explore resilience with Breath
• Become more confident with Laughter
• Communicate efficiently with Listening
•Discover the Potential of Asking
Enhance Your Life Skills


Develop an introspective and experiential relationship with four natural elements of life. They play a pivotal role in our existence and when we wish to explore our capacity to grow and develop ourselves, these four elemental concepts become much more significant, relevant, and integral to our understanding of ourselves and others.

This course is designed to create an equilibrium between these four ideals and integrate your relationship with each to extend your current use with a deeper appreciation and application. Each week through a 90-minute discussion and applicable exercise, participants will explore one of the concepts in detail. With supportive material and a follow-up plan designed to be exercised during the week, participants will engage in practice and discovery.


Each successive session will integrate the former week's concept so that the qualities of each blend and build into an effective and efficient comprehension that is easy to apply during the week. 


"As we learn something new, we often engage in breathing, listening, and asking differently."


Discover a change that provides you with a way to utilize that difference with more consistency for more optimal results in everything you relate to. 


Questions?   Learning is A Life Long Adventure

Ask yourself how often, how long, how effective, how efficient, how committed, how patient or how much enjoyment you are receiving from the following daily or weekly:

Breath Practices:

Including Meditation, Stillness, Mindfulness, Yogic Breath, and of course the multitude of Breath Exercises available for enhancing, relieving, emphasizing, targeting, Relaxing, Stimulating, Connecting, etc.

Laughter Practices:

Exhalation and Release, Body Awareness, Playful Exercise, Laughter Meditation, Joyful Laughter Experiences, Body Strength Exercises, Internal Fortitude, Core Development, Emotional Comprehension, Attitude Adjustment, Personal Development, etc.

Listening Practices:

Personal stillness, Sensory Perception, Mindful Listening, Communicative Listening activities, Compassionate Listening Exercises, Personal Dialogues, Inner truth, Inspired Listening, Spiritual Listening, etc.

Asking Practices:

Effective communication skills, Confidence Techniques, Personal Development activities, Collaborative Extensions, Educational Development, Potential Building, Financial Rewards, Emotional Support, Risk Strategies, 

Even when we know, there is another level of understanding. We don't have to know it all, though it helps to appreciate how continual our life learning can be.

• Excite your Education

• Evolve your Emotion

• Enhance your Body and Brain  

• Embrace your Essential Truths

Register and join us...
1.  Receive Welcome Information
2. Four Weekly/90 Minute 
Ed-YOU-cation Calls 
3. Apply ideas weekly with Guided Material
4. Review and Reflect, life will be different  
5. A final fifth call for Completion and Review      


Learning Lifts You and All who Engage with You
Developed in a light-hearted manner with enjoyable experiences to help those who wish to relate better to everything and everyone. 

Course Fee: $149           


Includes: Facilitation and Guide Material

Our calls will be held on Mondays at 7 pm CST.

Welcome notes and details for our experience sent in an email.

8pm EST • 7pm CST • 6pm MST • 5pm PST • 4pm AST
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People who learn and explore with curiousity
evolve a better world


Breathe •  Laugh  • Listen • Ask

Be a Better You!

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