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Day Twelve
A Compassionate Review

We have explored 11 marvelous days of exploring what it means to embrace compassion as the team of Wellness and Swellness. Thank you for playing along. Yesterday we celebrated the Day of International Peace that was begun in 1981 and is celebrated world wide still. Peace is possible and when a few good people like ourselves realize the value of compassion and play with it well in life, we add to peace. 


Today marks the 265th day of the year leaving only 100 days in the year left. Our 100 Days of Peace will use our 12 Days of Compassion to continue the mission of peace as well. The purpose is to take what what learned here and create an act of Peace everyday left in this year. Perhaps we will end this interesting year in peace.


For today we will review the lessons learned and explore what we might appreciate more and explore about compassion in the peace and life process. 


1. Redefining Compassion
What does Compassion mean to you now that you have had the days of exploration in our game. As you rise today, explore in your first hour examples of true compassion and notice where it already surrounds you and what may be differt by your redefining it. 


2. Compassionate Self
Take your next hour of the day moving with compassion and appreciating the ways in which you have taken time to be compassionate independently with yourself. 


3. Engaged Compassion

For the next hour engage with nothing and then engage with others notice your own appreciation. Consider the importance every person you meet is to someone else. 

4. Touching Compassion
Explore the many sensory ways you can touch and be touched with compassion in the next hour. How dod you use your eyes to see and convey compassion. 


5. Respect with Compassion
Find your cards and play them again with others in the next hour having fun in seeing how many you can compassionately use in 60 minutes. 


6. Safety in Compassion
How did you use compassion or learn the caring side of it when considering ways to make the world safer with your attitude and aptitude towards others?  In this hour look at the ways of your safety and others and how you can provide environments of compassionate zones that respect and care about sensitivities, care and kindness. 


7. Compassion and Dignity

Being  graceful and broadminded in care during this hour, remember and engage in the wearing, inserting and absorbing of compassion to realize the fullness of dignity. 


8.Togetherness of Compassion
In this hour explore the factors that come together to make up compassion in your environment. What factors make the most impact and bring the most compassion?
Notice Interact and Reflect in this hour. 


9. Families of Compassion 

Remember the families that you are a part of and the ways in which compassion factors in with all the different relationships. Start with being, seeing and loving you and the ways of communication. 


10. Community Compassion

Appreciate, remember and revisit your connection and compassion to the communities that make up your world in this hour. Take a step towards a contribution you wanted to make. 

11. World Wide Compassion
How are you globally compassionate?  In this hour consider the three ways of having compassion for what you know, what you don't know and for what is and isn't accepted.

12. Compassion
What will you take from this experience, how will you grow more and what elements made the difference? Explore in this last hour your gratitudes and break throughs an compassionate bests realized.

Where has Compassion grown in you and where has it grown by what and how you gave today? 

Today you examined and exercised compassion with the world through your perspective and educated and applied it to know more and grow more. How you will apply it to continue to know, grow and show it will be a daily application that begins with you and expands from your inner environments locally to the greater expanse of the world, and all beginning with you.   

Note your compassion scale from morning to night and reflect in our daily forum. 

The Wellness & Swellness Team

2020 Compassion Games:
Survival of the Kindest

Daily Activity

Play with your Compassion

Review well and play swell. 

1. Create your own inspiring fun acts of compassion for today. Just drop in and do and don't worry about anyone noticing, do it because it is the right thing to do. 

2. The feeling of compassion is so great, hold your arms out and add your expression of when something is so great. How many people can you embrace in the fullness of the way you feel? 

3. See how many you can ask about defining what compassion is and notice when they describe it how they change and what the changes are

Be Well
Be Swell!

Measure Compassion:
1. Rate yourself in the 
morning on a scale of 1 - 10 and then again in the evening. Notice difference.
2. Count Compassionate experiences today. How many did you encounter? Rate them. 

Share Your Daily Findings
in the Compassion Forum

Commit to your compassion daily, share it in the
forum and  weekly we will submit our findings
to the Compassion Map

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