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 Forgiveness Laughter

A World Peace Initiative

September 2-30

4 Weekly Intentions

        Mondays at 7pm CST     

Join the Kick Off Call Sat Sep 1  9am CST
 Join the Completion Call Fri Sep 30 Noon CST

Love the

difference you

 make in yourself

  and your world.

• Create 5Valuable Minutes
• Develop More Efficient Breath
• Increase Joy  & Release Discord 
• Contribute to World Peace 

To Forgive...

Is to give as before. Our world has been tumultuous with its reaction to change in a heightened manner in the past few years. Emotions rise, fear takes hold and we take stock in the measure of our humanity a little more rigidly.  We are not the same as we before, or during the transition, though we can be something better as a result. People tell us to let go, the problem in all that letting go is that, we have not taken the real steps in release, so what we are told to let go of, just comes back multiplied.

Forgiveness is a principle in release, and that is what this program offers, a healthy release in a meaningful way. We are not laughing it off, we laugh to bring the joy of the situation and our abilities to light. That calls on our abilities and not our avoidance. Laughter is full of emotion and often it is used problematically, here we exercise the emotion to learn to use it in a way to benefit ourselves and those we want to forgive.

A Way to Give Better than Before

Join a  world collective of breath, laughter and forgiveness... from your own home!

• Inhale Purpose
Take notice of what is really important using breath and Intention to Ingest real

purpose. Each week introspective purpose deepens and enriches our value for forgiveness. 

• Exhale Purposefully with Laughter
Release what is unncessary to your vitality and do so in a way that simultaneously
the vaccum with joyful resonance, laughter. In doing so we increase our
and apitude. It's not just about letting go, it is about what happens when you do release as well.... problems suddenly become questions.

Everyday Participation = Everyday Benefit - 5 Minutes Daily

This calls for a five minute daily activity at any point in your day. You have

1440 minutes in your day, these five can be a way to commit to feeling better

• 4 Weekly Intentions
Each week we shift the focus from external to internal so who we forgive by the

end of the month becomes more significant to our well being.  


Our forgiveness is always about people, not places or things, as the latter
is always related to an individual or group experience and the attachment we develop tto hold resistance, resentment or even revenge. These are the things we want to create forgiveness for.
To give not just as before, better than before.


A service to humanity from the creativity of Lynda Tourloukis, Master Trainer with Laughter Yoga University and a designer of games for human potential and emotional evolution, because when we can forgive, we can evolve a better humanity right now with little effort, and remember what is important!

Share your Thoughts

This is a self motivated program, though doing it with others can heighten your experience and keep you committed.
Each week another Intention focus will be added to the purposeful Inhalation and listed on this site. 

Join us for a Get Started Call to set some intentions and share some thoughts or ask questions
Sunday September 2nd at 9am CST


Join us for a Call of Completion to share your experience and comments. 
Friday September 29 at Noon CST

Dial (712) 832-8320  Use Pin 906941
Questions?  Email or  Call
Buy the E-Book and Follow
along on your
own schedule.
Ebook $19.95
E-book and Weekly Email support Included
$99 Course Fee
4 Weekly Calls • Mondays at 7pm CST
5 Minutes of Daily Practice
1 Month of Forgiveness

Forgiveness heightens our life experience. 

Life Giving Breath In • Unnecessary Out

Be a Better You

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