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  A. I. M. 
Awareness • Insight • Movement
All Individuals Matter

When we aim for that the

world is a better place. 

Coaching • Guidance • Inspiration


A Formula for Change

Becoming aware of our condition in any moment involves an awakened appreciation of what is rooted in the discussion between the cognitive and emotional mind, our physical body's communication and the inner reservoir of our soul that speaks to what we believe and value. When they are in alignment, we discover our moments of truth that are simple, easy and flowing. 

Education evolves us. When we become aware, we look at things more curiously and realize there is more to know and more beyond the condition of what we previously existed as. Learning creates discerning.


When we apply Awareness with Insight, we become ready to take action and that application is the movement that creates our results. In life, we measure results and every action gives us a result. 

Simple, honest and practical


In a world that is constantly complicating simple and basic issues to give us a false sense of security, we are not decived long in the temporary measures and often left unsure and questioning what is trust worthy and where has common sense gone? 


Human nature strives to move toward what is right and good for all, though when we are subjected to so much that sends us alternative messages we want to reach for clarity and something that registers a basic truth we can align with and that makes us feel safe. 




Blend Passion with Purpose
Given that most resolutions dissolve within the first three weeks in January, it is wise to have patience and set yourself in conducive surroundings to really bring out a more comprehensive appreciation for passion and purpose in designing what you might like to realize in the 12 months of this calendar year.  


Some hurry to dive in to their year, in this the month of January becomes your workshop of development so that the rest of the months deliver more passion with a real purpose.

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