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 Finding • Unique • Natural • Fitness

Change your relationship with Fun

March 1-31

4 Topics • 4 Weekly Calls

       Apply Daily     Each Monday 8pm CST

Do you

know your


Spring into March 

Dive into a difference this month and notice a sense of clarity and focus. Realize that the moments of stress might melt away with a new appreciation for play. It is the imaginative experience for expanding and enriching your life with four simple weekly topics that invite you to create evidence and material to utilize well after the program ends. 

Made Simple and Easy
• Creative Innovative Explorations
•Discover Value for what FunTeaches
•Enhance your Attitude  & Aptitude

Playing with Exercise
Our Concept is Simple

Participants begin with an evaluation of their FUN QUOTIENT to establish a base pattern. From there weekly topics assist daily concepts to explore with very simple questions, suggestions to help you create and develop your own innovative exercises.

It's fun, engaging, expansive and life-affirming for the journey of your potential.

1. Register and Receive Welcome Information
2. Join 4 One-Hour Weekly Support & Info Calls 

3. Receive  weekly email support 
4. Experiment & create evidence daily
5. Leave with evidence to utilize forever


1. Register & Receive


Receive your materials for participation that will begin 

March 1st through the 31st.  

Begin with your Fun Quotient evaluation and then dive into the weekly topic and

let the wiggling of possibility move into your perspective with each daily simple

check-in designed so that you may explore with ease something that takes you

from normal to natural and inspires your curiosity and creativity to develop your

fun fitness exercises.


2. Join our Weekly Discussion on Mondays


Our calls are informative and appreciative in creating the weekly concept to incorporate effectively as well as provide support

Each week one concept grows into the next and the weekly call kicks off the
main idea with information and support relative to your ease and effectivity in incorporating. The results from others are inspiring and add perspective to your

own experience. 


3. Weekly emails deliver support & resource

For further support, a weekly email will arrive in your inbox to enhance your experience and add to your support.

The email comes from the inventor who has broken down simple ways to shift perspective and encourage your commitment to your self-discovery. It taps into
your ability to utilize concepts and contains ideas that assist your development
each week.


4. Experiment with weekly concepts

Daily play keeps you inspired and activated looking for new and
different ideas to develop in a variety of ways that serve you.

Daily activity is set in an easy way so that with a few simple questions and

suggestions to prompt you in your day, you begin to see the lightheartedness in

the topic and greater value in the aspect of playing with concepts. It gives

freedom and benefit to the experience so participants leave with exercises that

they can use at will. 


Create Life Affirming Exercises that add value in living well
Join us for this facilitated experience weekly and a five day practice session for each week that is meaningful and life changing. 


Solo Participant $99
 Includes: Facilitation and Guide Material


Our calls will be helpd on Mondays at 8pm CST. Details of the call will be sent in the welcome email. 

9pm EST • 8pm CST • 7pm CST • 6pm CST • 5pm AST
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People who play with 
possibilitiies develop a better world


Evolve Your Fun Fitness

Be a Better You

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