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"Laughter comes
from play"
Dr. Madan Kataria, 
founder Laughter Yoga International
Just playing this game you know you are in for a treat. Your imagination gets a chance to come out and soar. 

It generally takes the normal adult a short period of adjustment, though as soon as they give into fun, they are discovering new things about themselves in delightful ways. 

The essence of play is alive and well and yes... there will be laughter!

Games give us a structure for play so that we can comprehend and develop new patterns that help us become more efficient and effective. Games give play the opportunity to invite curiosity, creativity, and collaboration.  That is where it becomes more profound because it opens potential. We can grow, develop and use more of our brain matter by understanding by playing with possibility. 


The Game of Laughter gives us a new way to look at the choice. It has 33 different themes to exercise innovative play ideas as an individual, with a partner or as a group. Spin the wheel to select a theme, pick an activity card to carry it out, decide the group type and then let the imagination soar. What occurs in response is roaring laughter. 


When we play we feel good and we begin to see ourselves in a different light. We play with ideas, problems, and solutions. We take things less seriously and activate the inner child to spark creative innovations. We explore, take on the adventure role and through objectives and rules set by each group, play guides the way to deepening awareness and the spirit of application to yield some eye-opening results about what we are capable of. What begins as simple play becomes profound ah ha ha learning for all. 

The Game of Laughter

Participants from Scotland, Germany, Thailand and the United States give playful testimony to the Game of Laughter in India. 

 On one hand, the Game of Laughter was designed by a Leadership Director who is also a Master Laughter Yoga Trainer with a focus on developing the whole individual with health and happiness in mind... 


On the other hand, the Game of Laughter was designed by a parent who created a variety of games and activities for two of her children that Learned Differently... and mixed with the concept of leadership and life development. Games and play have always been a part of our life... and still are!
Lynda Tourloukis,
  Inventor Game of Laughter

Great for Everyone! 
Want to bring your office, staff or team together in an imaginative day of play? 

Participants will destress, increase collaborative connections and work together to build their independent skills and abilities and because they have fun, they'll be long-lasting and more memorable!



You Have Choice! 

Participants are in charge of the game from the set up to the conclusion. 

Guided by a facilitator who understands the concept of play, games, laughter and personal development to keep the game flowing and on track with the consensus of the group. 


Once the guidelines are established and agreements are met, the game begins with the whirl of the wheel and the flip of the deck. 

Every activity has a leader who elects aspects of the play and leads the group throughout. Each individual plays at their own ability so that everyone can participate with ease. 


There is no age limit and this game demonstrates that you are limited only by your own imagination.

Invite a Game of Laughter to Work, School, Home or Community! 

  • One Day Workshops

  • Weekend or Two Day Experiences

  • 12 Week Challenges to developing your Life, Legacy, and Leadership

  • Year Long Game Play... are you up for it? 

Become a Game Guide Leader learn to facilitate fun with fun-ction! 

  • Two Day Initiation

  • 12 Week follow up

Sample Our Fun... 

Try a 90 minute or three hour

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2016 Schedule:
Hawaii - January.
Atlanta - April
Chicago - May
India - August

Las Vegas - Oct -Nov
Chicago - December

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