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Let's Walk the World

There's wisdom to create, learn and share

The world is a place of constant change and a continual resource for learning and growing. Even the permanent structure of the labyrinth undergoes change in the perspectives, education and use that it experiences from those who engage and interact with it. 


Anyone can walk a labyrinth, though not everyone knows what it is or the marvelous benefits or purpose it provides. When enthusiasts take steps together to know more and grow more together on the path, we become an example of a path of possibilities that innovate a world. 

The 365 Experience is known for its daily walk with change and development. It is taken in daily steps to engage the wisdom of the labyrinth that we best learn the wisdom of who we are and what we are capable of.  The 365 Experience (formerly 365 Club) has actively engaged in world wisdom through walking, engaging, learning and sharing for many years with the Labyrinth Society. 


Its been a beacon of contribution for the Labyrinth Society offering an annual program that provides awareness, education, application and contribution concepts for each quarter, offering 12 monthly topics and an invitation to the wisdom of engagement, creativity and adaptation through the development of daily experiences. When those are shared, everyone benefits from the collective wisdom. 

In 2019, contribution is all about the contributions we make, that we know of or don't yet realize. It is also about techniques, ideas, designs, art, expression, development for the individual, group, community and the world to walk together using and adapting those changes discovered during 2018's tumultuous year of change. 


A daily experience with the labyrinth in walking, building, education, design, programs, personal development, artistic, fitness, geometry, spiritual direction, 


It's Purpose
  •  Daily Wisdom

  •  Archival Legacy Development

  •  Education and Insight

  •  A cycle of sharing

It's Practice
  •  Daily Walking

  •  Monthly concepts 
  •  Monthly connections

  •  Quarterly Concepts

2017 - 365 Experiences           2018 - The Year of Honest Living.         

Create an Experience


• Have an experience

• It's more than just walking

• Apply the daily the focus, 
  monthly topic or quarterly theme

• Realize, observe and absorb

  Learn and evolve

• Walk and realize, its that simple

• Learn to express yourself

• Use art, design, words

• Create new labyrinths

• Experience new ways to build

• Develop programs for learning,    

  education, awareness, etc. 

• Discover the many applications

  for education, groups,

  communities, etc

-> Share your Experience

Walk with

the World


• Walk to engage your experience

• Find a world buddy to walk with    

   elsewhere in the world!

• Learn from the wisdom of others
• Be the wisdom for others
• Collaborate on ways to make  

   changes for the better 
•. Just by walking with focus you    

    do make change happen. 

• Join in a project in the world

• Host an experience for others

• Learn about new labyrinths, new

   places and new ideas in the world

• Realize how much bigger you    

  become when you walk the world.

   -> Share your Wisdom



Changes Us!

• You learn more when you share

• You become a part of the world

• Everyone has something to add

• We add to something larger than  

   ourselves when sharing our


•. We make a contribution toward

    our own wisdom collective

•. We promote more good will about

    something of value that others

    can benefit by knowing.

•  We become stewards of wisdom

•  Global consciousness expands

•  Realize your own wisdom.

•  Create legacy

    -> Share your Contributions

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