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 Laughter and the Labyrinth 


Laughter complements the teaching of the labyrinth because where the mind is releasing, listening and reflecting with the labyrinth, laughter joyfully assists the letting go, develops an insightfulness and awakens the soul to develop clarity and purpose... and with passion. 


Design Your Year

2017 unfolds with new insights and inspirations to discover. Use the labyrinth and explore its lunar calendar while designing and developing your plans and their unique fit for your year long path.


Learn more about the labyrinth and its uses

Walk the labyrinth for insight and inspiration

Evolve your understanding of your own walk

Design your own labyrinth

Develop your blue print on its pathways 

Create a unique calendar for your year
Learn how to develop a moving vision board

Discover the patterns of your own path

Join us for this exciting new look into self and perspective with a synchronicity of purpose in this new year design.  

Saturday Jan. 11

Luminosity Wellness Center  2400 Tenaya Way  Las Vegas, NV 89129

Introductory Course Fee: $50                                            

The Workshop for Women

Explore the questions of women and learned body responses. Discover the inner voice and the freedom of joy in a way that invites the soul to the body and mind experience. 


Listen in a whole new way

Walk with movement in mind

Appreciate evolution

Ask the questions of women

Expand the sight within

Align a deeper message
Invite your joyful natural laughter

Discover a woman you've been dying to meet

This is a women's walk among women and an Eve-oh-lution of the soul to awaken, inspire and apply a new path, a confident stride and allow a journey of purpose to prevail. 


Retreat Center

Course Fee: $300                                            

The Life Retreat 
of the Labyrinth

Define your path and add new purpose to current life understanding in this extraordinary life retreat. This is part of the program of reconditioning our condition and allowing ourselves to take on the lighter side of living with an insightful look into our patterns and life comprehension of change and choice. Emotions will evolve for greater understanding along with tools for application. 


Awaken your inner joy

Observe perspectives of past and present

Educate emotional definitions & responses

Discover your interior labyrinth
Silence and Listening skills developed
Spirited voice and movement activations
Natural Earth Walks and explorations
Meditations and play and re-awareness  

This is an evolution of patterns, paths, potential and purpose with passionate and playful possibilities. 


3 Days of Introspective learning and living well
Retreat Center

Course Fee: $995                                            

Your Facilitator

Lynda Tourloukis

Former Director of Leadership
Professional Life Development Coach and Guide

Master Trainer of Laughter and Soul Joy Experiences
Chair Labyrinth Society's 365 Experience


She designs neurodevelopment programs for personal insight with a boost in emotional education, invents games of play for discovering human potential and has designed numerous unique labyrinths in permanent, portable and artistic design. She reminds us that we were born with joy in mind.

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