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Laughter Coaching
              Put fun in your function
Laughter wakes us up. It reminds us we were
meant to feel and operate joyfully.
It releases with great exhale, and creates a new unconditioned perspective, curiously inviting the question of what we inhale. To both maintain this great joyful shift and inspire more of what is possible, coaching with laughter expands, explores and evolves possible!  
Growth and Development are a Life Long Evolution. How do you want to Develop and Evolve with Joyful Laughter? 

Coaching is a powerful process of asking questions to inspire the answers within. It brings out what we are capable of and guides your unique learning to expand beyond our normal understanding and invites natural inspiration. When you add the depth and expansive nature of laughter, the learning of life's lessons become more enjoyable, hopeful and possible.


There is more to laughter than we might think, though there is also more to us than we think. 


Consider whether
it is right for you?

It will change your perspective on Laughter

It will change your perspective on Life

It will transform a world of condition
It will offer a sense of freedom
It will demonstrate choice

It means you will not fit back into a life that conforms, 

forgets or takes the hard road and thinks it is easier...

ha ha you will require expando pants! 
Make sure it is a good fit and...

see if you meet all of the three criteria

I'm Open

Even though...
I may not understand
agree, and judge at first,

I want to know more so,

I am open to know and become what is possible.

I'm Willing

Even though...
I may at first resist 
my better nature

I honestly know something better is worth the risk of conformity... I am willing

I'm Ready

What I've learned is to hesitate and doubt, 

though it hasn't served

I want to honor the call within and live lighter, brighter and be an inviter

 Opt-in for a Complimentary Consultation

Asking questions is a great way to feel more assured 
for a mutually 
beneficial experience to find your fit.

Connect to Make Your Appointment

Personal          Purpose          Profession           Potential         Pro Professional

Personal Development

Laughter Development

Life Purpose Development




Program Development

Professional Skills

CEU Development
30 Day Play

Emotion Evolution

Laughter Facilitation C Training

Laughter Development P Training

E2 Development E Training

Begin with You

1. Personal Development

Laughter Yoga creates a vibrational change in our life. What is shaken, moved and oxygenated in sessions of laughter can uproot issues in the tissues that may be newly emerging or uprooting past experiences that can leave us feeling unsettled with lots of questions and confusions. Laughter Coaching is a practice that demonstrates many methods and uses for laughter in technique that aids in giving us answers in ways that are approachable and easier to understand than traditional coaching or guidance. 

  • It asks questions that inspire actionable results that you CAN do

  • It can be fun, playful and imaginative to inspire what woke you up in laughter

  • It can explore what is possible and look at our conditional life with curiosity

  • It is solution based, inspiring and meaningfully moving realism

  • It will move you to understanding, appreciating and exploring your potential

The first step always begins with you!                 Weekly One Hour Sessions

                                                                          6 Month and Yearly Plans Available

     Complimentary Consultation                            Individual • Group (six or more required)

2. Laughter Development

Learn about Laughter - Personal/Well Being Benefits
Applications for Laughter - Personal Practices
Natural Laughter Exercises
Personal Evaluation

Relativity to personal development
One on one - group skills

Share Professionally
Professional Development

Creating your mission and vision in sharing
Developing Content and Structure that fits

Professional Facilitation Skills 

Professional Laughter Presentations

This is a comprehensive program that offers certification and development to certified indivduals practiced in Laughter Yoga . This program offers professional guidance for individuals and group programs utilizing specific techniques and concepts that assist indivdiuals and groups in developing life strategies that are more light hearted, approachable and assist in moving participants from questions to answers. 

Coaching a Plan with Purpose for your Passion

  24 • 48 Week Individual Instruction  ( Personal for Professional Instruction ) 
  12 • 24 • 48 Week Group Sessions  (six or more required)

Engage Purpose
Life Purpose Development

Enriching Personal

Engaging Occupation

Building Meaning


Coaching a Plan with Purpose for your Passion

  24 • 48 Week Individual Instruction  ( Personal for Professional Instruction ) 
  12 • 24 • 48 Week Group Sessions  (six or more required)

Growth & Continuation
Growth & Development

CEU development

30 Day Play

Emotion Evolution E2

Coaching a Plan with Purpose for your Passion

  24 • 48 Week Individual Instruction  ( Personal for Professional Instruction ) 
  12 • 24 • 48 Week Group Sessions  (six or more required)

Coaching Certification Courses
Training Development

Coaching Laughter Development 

Coaching Life Development with Laughter

Coaching Emotion Evolution
Coaching a Plan with Purpose for your Passion

  24 • 48 Week Individual Instruction  ( Personal for Professional Instruction ) 
  12 • 24 • 48 Week Group Sessions  (six or more required)

Laughter Yoga is one of the most delightful ways to develop personally, professionally while adding purpose and meaning to life.

3 Great Reasons

        to take these courses


1. Create Personal Value you can talk about
Get convicted in your personal practice

You share what you know well ~ and with a unique flair
After the training period leaders and teachers reenter the world they came from. They often have questions and when sharing this concept some of those initial questions get answered. This course answers more, adds value for your personal practice that will tansfer to your professional presentations and offerings.

2. Become Professional in your plan and delivery

Professionalism adds avantage to anything you know and offer
People feel more confident and comfortable and open up to new ideas more readily when an indivdiual knows their material, offers it in a constructive and meaningful delivery and relates well to everyone. This program helps you develop your plan and fit it to you, and that you can talk about with more confidence and conviction. 

3. Have a Compelling Purpose that guides you
Purpose drives your conviction for everything you do
Laughter gives us a joyful perspective on our life purpose and helps us to remember what is important to us. It can remind us of quality that is derived from a life well lived. This course fleshes out what it is that you find compelling in laughter to implement into your own lives for more meaning personally and to live in larger view of your contribution for more mirth of Earth. 


 Isn't it time to know more, laugh more and enjoy more?


Lynda Tourloukis
Master Trainer, Laughter Yoga University

"I am so happy that there is a way to continue what we begin learning. By the end of the two day certification we only begin to realize that the great way we feel can only be made better by going out and doing it. I love that I can come back and find new ways to improve.


I love this idea because it is like an investment I make in myself to learn more and then go out and apply it....and I love Lynda and her creative ways in all she does!" 


                      Barb Moore

                     Certified Laughter Yoga Leader

About Lynda Tourlouks
You are working with a professional committed to the practice of Laughter Yoga and creating a better way through inspiring play. She is known for her authentic leadership, promoting a wealth of understanding about the human condition and sharing innovative approaches to making change easier to understand and apply.  Lynda has a wide variety of presentation and program development experience for an ever expanding list of clientel that moves from the neo natal relationships of New Mothers and Babies to the Incarcerated Systems of Correction for emotional development and physical and cognitive wellness from Alzheimers and Cancer to the Corporate environment. She is an adjunct professor at three colleges teaching the joy of wellness and has worked with every age group in education from preschool through College and the Life Long Learning programs of the elderly.  


Her latest expansion has been in the development and design of daily play to engage and awareness and application of our human potential.  Play, like laughter make this type of complex learning simple to understand, easy to do and enjoyable to partake in.


This program for life refreshment was designed to remind ourselves of possibility, purpose and passion

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