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Laughter & Silence     The Sedona Retreat

Sedona, AZ

Weekend Wisdom comes in the decision to retreat, and with a winning combination of laughter, silence set in the natural vortex of Sedona, the introspective and experience will be a rich and full being engagement .
Join us in One of the Four Quarters for Inspiration & Insight!

The Laughter and Silence Retreat

Sept 22-24

$495.00 Course Fee  - Includes Course & Meals

(Register accommodations with Hotel below)



Check in Fri Sept 22- Check out Sun Sept 24


The Arabella Hotel Sedona
$155- $175pp

The Four Quarter Sedona Retreats 2020

Our focus is to use what is natural to understand our innate qualities and characteristics of our human nature. Using laughter is quite natural to evoke the body, mind and spirit and silence to listen to what it says when we do. You are your own brightness and lightness in the world, though understanding takes time to educate, embrace and evolve. Retreat can offer you that opportunity. Lynda and Michele bring a unique sense of comprehension to the equation with Lynda's understanding of human nature and potential combined with Michele's relationship with nature and in particular 20 years in Sedona.


Physical Possibilities
April 24-26, 2020

Our outermost part that connects with the world and recognized and used by others is our physicality. Understanding our physical nature in relationship to the whole of who we are is essential in the well being of our bodies, from activity to nutrition. This is our consideration for connecting in-breath, meditation, hiking, and Earth connection. Laughter in the Vortex is profound and energetic as we explore the body in various ways with how and where laughter has an effect. Silence deepens our listening and an explorative intuitive and a greater appreciation for trust. 

Cognitive Clarity
July 26-28, 2020

The mental faculty of our mind has long been appreciated and utilized as thought and knowledge. This introspective and playful experience of the weekend can show us the world outside of thought and how we might experience it differently. Engage in exploring and expanding potential as when we connect and communicate with others, are inner dialogue relates more of who we are to the outside world as well as its directive for our inner guidance. Open and expand with our tour of Sedona and the natural in this mind expansive opportunity. Laughter brings our cognitive to awakened and conscious states where silence can magnify them. Learn how laughter sharpens your mind and techniques to enhance your mental acuity for efficient results

Emotional Evolution 
Sep 25-27, 2020

As we expand our human exploration, we get to the truth of what is misunderstood and maligned about Emotion. Navigating the caves to the peaks, we explore the vast landscape of Sedona for its inherent offerings as we traverse the insightful world of emotion's similar features. Using laughter is more than a release, but a purposeful journey for exploring the emotional capacity and understanding its very vital and underused expression more effectively. Silence educates our truth in this experience to mine the vastness of our potential and brings to light the essential freedom of what our emotions truly offer. 

Spiritual Attunement  
Jan 8-10, 2021

In completion of our dynamic human exploration is the spiritual exploration that laughter offers as it is such a great opening of our body and mind. It can allow our soulful nature to align and define what is natural and divine. We will deepen our connection to everything in our silence as our breath work, meditations and attunements will take us to a deeper reservoir within. Our connection to the essence of Sedona and the natural vortex of energetic vibration will feature a holistic experience for body and mind, though will enhance the spirit with an infused purpose for the coming year. 


Training & Meals


Hotel Accommodations


The Arabella Resort

Sedona, AZ

Meal Plan

Healthy Vegetarian Tasty Options

Friday Arrival

Saturday Morning


Saturday Mid day Meal


Saturday Night

Sunday Morning

Sunday Brunch

Evening Meals (Friday-Saturday night)

Soup and Raw Salad Supper, gluten free tortillas, Roasted Veggies, Tofu and Vegetable Bake, gluten free breads and spreads, dessert and herbal iced teas, infused waters.

Morning Meals (Saturday -Sunday Morning)
Oatmeal, eggs, yogurt, smoothies, nuts, seeds, fruits, gluten free breakfast bake, 
coffee, teas, nut milks, juice

Mid day Meal (Saturday- Sunday Brunch)

Quinoa salad, Avocado & Salsa Tortillas, Portobella wraps, cheese and nut spreads w/ breads 


Snacks ( All day and in between meals)

Omega trail mix, nuts, crackers, bars, apples & nut butter, fruits, yogurts, smoothies, coffee, herbal tea, infused waters

The Meal Plan


The Schedule & Overview




5pm      Arrival - Check In


 7am      Morning Meditations
              Activities, Discussions 8:30am  Breakfast
10am     Circle
Noon      Mid Day Meal
1pm       Activities/Excursions
 6pm      Evening Meals Sunday

 7am      Morning Meditations                  Activities, Discussions 8:30am  Breakfast

10am     Circle

1pm       Closing Ceremony 
              Sunday Brunch

To Retreat is to withdraw from the norm, release the routine and to return to a more natural state. In Sedona, the environment offers revitalization in the native red rock formations and vibrational vortex that flows geometrically and pervasively throughout.

Each morning we will meet the day with meditative activities and sunrise dialogues followed by a hearty and healthy vegetarian breakfast and repose time. We gather again for circle concepts and activities. Laughter and Silence are woven into our experiences and follow up options to repose into nature for periods of time. Laughter is always a welcome element at any time.

With laughter we explore communication and with silence we deepen the listening skills. We meet at Meal Times and share. Snacks and beverages are always available in the reflective times for all. 

Where available, excursions take us deeper into the experience with Earth connection and our activities are designed to explore the vast inner reserve in relationship to our external world.  Participants will engage in simple activity to demonstrate and offer exploration to add depth to the communication of laughter or the listening of silence. Our experience will offer times of reflection and silence to add understanding and insight as well as a transformative quality that arrives when one engages in relating better. 


Retreat Preparation

For Your Consideration
Sedona, AZ

1. Consider what you want to take away from this         experience.

2. Take care of what really matters before hand
     Leave the rest! 

3. Dive fully into the experience
     Don't hold back!


Retreat Facilitation Contact:
Lynda Tourloukis
(847) 401-5787

Local Sedona Contact:

Michele Mattix
(928) 451-5246


Your Facilitators

Lynda Tourloukis
Life Development

Laughter  & Play for Potential 

Lynda's diverse background in personal development included directing Leadership, Coaching, Training, and Development Programs. She is a Master Trainer of Laughter and Play and a Designer of Games for Human Potential and an innovator in the field of Emotional Education.

Your Facilitators

Michele Mattix
Meditation  •  Laughter Leadership  


Michele has a deep appreciation of nature and has lived in the natural setting of Sedona for over 20 years. She is skilled in meditation and is certified as a Laughter Yoga Leader.  Michele adds a dynamic appreciation of developing holistic self awareness and practices that are evident in her excursions and private tours of the natural settings of Sedona. 

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