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Playing      Life


Finding purpose in life and being useful is what inspires and moves us. Doing it well doesn't bring joy, instead, it is a testimony for it.  Joy offers are already meaningful life better. It's the good for you, that 's good for all and when we add to the world in this way, we just make a better world happen.


Play brings out qualities and curiosity that sparks our imagination and creativity in all the areas of our life. It shows us significant aspects of what we are capable of and opens the door to the potential we all aspire to realize more of.  


Learning to become more efficient and effective in more of what we do, to relate more purposefully to everyone and everything, and discover the simple and honest abilities within ourselves makes life much more intriguing, more purposeful, and enjoyable.


That is what is discoverable in the expansiveness of play.

The Amused Muse is here to harvest your happiness and remind us to go further... how were we not designed with joy in mind?

The Happy Job of Opening Doors...

Keynotes and Event Speaking

Presentations for organizations and communities
focusing on shifting, transformation and proficiency development with a larger global perspective that reminds us of fun and life-affirming imagination.

Experiential Play Experiences
Elevate your individual potential or your organization's with team development in a light-hearted living experiential session or event.

Join one of our quarterly retreats or invite The Amused Muse to be a part of your organization's retreat or plan a retreat of light-hearted living that's focused on the power of playful proficiency.

Group and Independent Guidance
Transform from a conditional response to one that opens the door to what does work and what's fun, real and fits your unique perspective or a group purpose. Guidance, not coaching allows participants to realize to a greater degree the reality in a way that is imaginative and innovative. 

Play with Possibilities ... Everyday

The Amused Muse practices Unlimiting Beliefs and endorses possibility, opportunity and innovative imagination as a way to navigate life's more complicated lessons and adversities to see everything to a simpler degree that brings clarity and workable systems of enhancement into play. Too many of us have been playing a game that's large in conditioning and relatively productive for everyone but ourselves. We champion a new perspective and offer the education and application that can reinforce what works, what is for the good of all and what brings up our fuller capacity and abilities. Learning to play with life is not what we are used to and requires application, education and resources to move past conditioned responses into proactive patterns that provide solution and play with realizing more of our potential. 

365 Live PlayEvery Month a New Opportunity to explore and expand a new perspective of the human condition in a way that directly inspires your unique qualities and characteristics. The games and play are not centered around you, rather specific themes common to everyone.


Each month's play is designed to enlighten, enhance and evolve a different aspect of life. Play is available in this way every day of the year to enhance, empower and engage life in a more productive and realized way. 

30 Day Programs for Incremental Discoveries

January                          February                             March                               April                                     May                                   June

        July                             August                            September                         October                          November                         December      

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