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Fill your Soul

with Natural Joy

Soul Joy

Soul Joy is a feeling that turns the corners up on your existence as a human. 


It is a pervasive essence of well being that floods the body and brain with a resonance of heightened peace and love. It is a reckoning and release of conditioned responses and a saturation of realization that the world is better with you in it.

To know the joy of your own soul is to awaken your confidence and play with it liberally to discover part II your life adventure.


All Soul Joy Experiences® provide educational amusement and include the following elements::
     •  Breath Ability Enhancement

     •  Laughter Infusion
     •  Emotional Education

     •  Genius of Play


Invite a Soul Joy Experience, Presentation or Speaking Engagement to your Organization, Community or Event

Soul Joy Introductory Programs
60 or 90 Minutes
1/2 and Full Day Introductory Experiences

Soul Joy Group Weekend Experiences

Insightful and Intuitive explorations into the physical body, cognitive enhancement and emotional evolution for the mind and expansive exploratories for the depth of soul comprehension. This program is designed for groups and organizations who want to offer stress release & joy increase with great tools, techniques and strategies for bonding better relationships with each other and uniquely with self. Here we play with potential!

Soul Joy Experience Retreats
Join a retreat event scheduled in our year for soul searching surrender or add an aspect of Soul Joy programs to your retreat. Let us develop your retreat for maximum introspective and engagement with your objectives happily enhanced with joy in mind. 

Soul Joy Experience in Action

The Experience begins with an immersion in the education of defining and designing the soul of joy for the Individual both personally and professionally. Developing our breath ability, the expansiveness of laughter, the genius of play and a new understanding of emotion, the Soul Joy Experience  offers a three step program that includes personal understanding in a five day comprehensive course, step two offers a variety of follow up 

experiences that apply the new awareness and step three offers a way to contriubte to the economy of world well being joyfully. 

Other Experiences include: 

Short 30 day games, play and programming to assist your experiential education into energy, enthusiasm and joyful emotional learning 

Team High Five
Laughing Grandpa
Image by Kim Carpenter
Clapping Audience
Laughter Cheer
Beautiful Women

        Laughter for Life

Enjoy an oxygenating Laugh & Learn session that will improve the blood flow to your body and brain. Feel more confident in who you are and discover clarity of focus and a burst of enthusiasm. Experience an evidenced-based workshop that educates, entertains, and evolves your human condition. The benefits are numerous; the experience is an awakening of your human potential. 

Increase Performance Ability

Decrease Stress and Anxiety

Improve Immune System

Enhance Collaboration

Engage Confidence

Orient Solutions

Inspire Creativity

Expand Aptitude

Enrich Attitude



     Evolve all your relationships...

           especially the one you have with yourself!

Step 2

July 26-28
Nov 6-8 


Course Fee: $525    l      Lodging & Meals       l        More...


Step One in the Soul Joy Experience begins with The Weekend Experience. It is an introduction into our natural abilities and an invitation to integrate the body's natural wisdom with the duality of the mind's function with an innovative approach to our emotional experience. 


Lightening up and simplifying the complex nature of emotion, this course works with the energy of emotion to use it more purposefully and begin to educate new dimensions of what emotion can offer us. 


Utilizing our innate breath and appreciating the power of laughter's infusion, our explorations integrate the expansive nature of play to broaden our understanding and appreciation of the essential purpose of joy. With these five elements, it is a weekend that begins a powerful step into a new dimension of human capacity. 

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Purpose & Possibilities

Six and Twelve Month programs of Inspired guidance for Life's Potential. Bringing out and administering the joy of  emotion to love all of your life.
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Individuals who find value in the Soul Joy approach may want to offer this quality program to others. 
With years of training, teaching, and program development for life development, one reaches a certain level of proficiency and experience to share an approach that provides a useful message, an opportunity for purposeful transition and responsibly provides a process.  With integrity, this program of facilitation offers a comprehensible approach that systematically provides a process to learn or enhance personal values of their own development in skill and ability that elevates the human condition. Even if other programs have offered insight into personal development, this program explores areas that have not been addressed or realized in other programs.  With a comprehensive appreciation in three stages that incorporate education, application, and contribution, one can offer innovative approaches that offer a delightful way to develop with an honest approach. Certifications are offered.


This is facilitation that begins the change with you.

• It is a six-month process. 
• Begins with an interactive weekend experience. 
• Moves into a three-month weekly application and education exercise. 

• Engages with practicum models of one-on-one, group facilitation,      

   and a platform of variable presentations for a three-month period.

• Offers annual reflection and review. 

• Adds you to a team of professionals


Schedule an appointment for a consultation. See if this is the right fit.


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