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Inspiring Natural Joy 

Isn't it time to Realize Joy?

There is more to life than merely surviving and even more that goes 

beyond the hype of thriving. Instead of all the pressure, there is a place

of being true to whom you are and honestly learning to love that in a

way that satisfies.

Learning to define joy moves us from the mere possibility to one of probability when individuals learn to trust themselves and realize what they are capable of.  By exploring and discovering the simple essences of life that matter, the search disappears and an honest adventure appears... we get there, though with a more realistic appreciation of who we are, what we are capable of, and how we want to arrive.  In other words, we begin to discover that there will be many destinations ahead; how we journey is what becomes vital. 

Joy Focus          How it works         Why it works

Create a New Reality
Life changes constantly. Maybe its time for a new 

perspective with a more effective directive.                 

Natural Guidance with Neuroplastic Results
Natural Guidance is all about playing with your potential to repattern and form new neural pathways that you will want to apply in new and unique ways. What creates neuroplasticity is the practical application you are ready, willing, and open to engaging. The repeated process and innovative approach are what develop more effective processes. Both exploration and practice are necessary to achieve the neuroplastic advancements and it is a bit like learning there is a whole other side to yourself.


With a greater application, dedication, and advancing techniques in the somatic physical, behavioral socio-emotional, and cognitive creativity process, the debate of spirit and science becomes moot in the higher developmental order of neurogenesis. One can develop new cellular structures to compliment the insightful new neuroplastic discoveries that are taking place, all while you learn to be true to yourself and honest with what you do.   

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A Pose
Man with Crossed Arms
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As we learn to move essential energy in the body and appreciate the grasp of our unique conception, our world opens to acknowledge the depth of our inner reservoir. It is an experiential process that builds with practice and expands with trust that develops in the sage guidance and in a more comprehensive manner for the self.  Accepting and allowing is a practice that develops over time and with applicable activation that can produce levels of understanding.

Soul speaking evolves naturally.



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Discover the energy of your body

and how to communicate more effectively and efficiently with it. Our guidance begins with a sensory evaluation to observe your relationship with your physical realms and it often evidences what is stored and what is moving throughout.  The journey of guidance offers the opportunity to discover what abilities are present and open the portals of potential all while testing and applying in a way that can be new and unique for each individual. 



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There is a wealth of possibility that both cognitively and emotionally operates within the framework of our cerebral circumference that makes up the physical brain structure. There are debates of brain and mind as separate identities, yet when we consider our mindful expansiveness and provide evidence for the manner in which the brain functions, we begin to become both exploratory of possibility and advancement, while intrigued by our own abilities.



What do you want to Improve?

Feel the Joy
How it Works
              Put fun in your function
Guidance offers an individual a chance to safely explore new ideas in an environment that is designed to discover and reveal something better. Sessions are designed around the individual or group and in the time allotted, the progress that is developed in session is formed into a fun and enjoyable experience to apply during the time in between sessions. 
Typically 60-90 minute weekly sessions are sufficient to create a well-developed plan to apply. 12, 24, and 48 weekly sessions are available to lay the foundation for new considerations. The same time amount is also available to acknowledge the change that is made and to reinforce and integrate applications for authentic realized change. It makes the difference and creates the right amount of support for the individual to comprehend and cultivate change with simple and available mechanics.

People come to the guidance process with an overload of stress, depression, anxiety, or issues of self-control and leave feeling more engaged and in touch with the wisdom to champion what challenges and choose what is right for each. It may be confusing to conceive of moving from depression to joy, though that is exactly why we do it, to remove confusion and endanger your misery.  It is a process that develops a belief and a practice that provides results you love.


There is more to Joy than we might think, though there is also more to us than we think. 

Consider whether
it is right for you?

It will change your perspective on Joy and Misery

It will change your perspective on Life

It will transform a world of condition
It will offer a sense of freedom
It will demonstrate choice

It will feel great!

It also means you will not fit back into a life that conforms, 

forgets or takes the hard road and thinks it is easier.

You will require expando pants.
Do make sure that the path of joy is a good fit for you.

See if you meet all of the three criteria

Growth and Development are a Life-Long Evolution.
Evolving your joy can be the best decision of that life. 

 Opt-in for a Complimentary Consultation

Asking questions is a great way to feel more assured 
for a mutually 
beneficial experience to find your fit.

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I'm Open

Even though...
I may not understand
agree, and judge at first,

I want to know more so,

I am open to know and become what is possible.

I'm Willing

Even though...
I may at first resist 
my better nature

I honestly know something better is worth the risk of conformity... I am willing

I'm Ready

What I've learned is to hesitate and doubt, 

though it hasn't served

I want to honor the call within and live lighter, brighter and be an inviter

We were designed with joy in mind and sometimes we just forget.... and sometimes we can remember.
Lynda Tourloukis
The Amused Muse
Why it Works
              Put fun in your function
Lauded in local and national leadership, the added concept of neuroplasticity has been a vital presence in the life of the Amused Muse. Able to transcend to innovate neurogenesis concepts through the genius of simple play, the 50+ programs that have been developed through the years along with numerous articles, publications, and books that support this message are often what confuses or gratefully liberates the overly-serious. 
Adding the oxygen-rich process of exercised laughter and applying it liberally and internationally, this playful combination cultivated with simplicity offers a soul enrichment awakening that many walk through life without.  Lynda Tourloukis, your Amused Muse, provides a richness realized in life to those who are ready to take on the truth of joy and live it swell. 

Can Joy be your Salvation?


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