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October  4-25

Daily Play  • Weekly Adventure

    Join Us  Each Wednesday at  8pm CST



Enjoy the Magic in Metaphor and Possibilities of Play
Join us for these daily fun adventures and weekly explorations with a facilitated recap and cheer session weekly to activate more meaning for Illusion, perception, magic, and myth and turn more of your tricks to treats

Daily Play at your own pace
Weekly Conference Check-In Calls
Weekly email support
Materials to support your play


Participant Fee $99   

                                        Includes: Facilitation and Guide Material

Tricks  toTreats

Illusions, Perceptions, Magic and Myth for Life Play

October's Opportunity 

In the US and in parts of the world, October reminds of the youthful celebration of Halloween. It reminds us of our childlike sense of curiosity, wonder, and playfulness. It is the time when great illusions delight us and we believe in the greater good of our own Magic. The Game of Tricks and Treats is a playful experience where we might more playfully turn the tricks of life into the treats. It also allows us to understand the value of both the trick and the treat in order to leverage the purpose of each and better understand our own sense of magic (ability + potential).  We will explore the world of Myth and Metaphor using the Roman quadracentric labyrinth as our daily and weekly game movement. 

• Turn your Tricks to Treats
• Put meaning in your Metaphor
• Notice Illusion - Create Reality 
•  Play with Magic over Myth


Engage in Magical Play, Metaphor, and Myth

Consider a child's play as imaginative and you will understand the method of magic, metaphor, and myth as an invitation into the simple joy of exploration. This is not a trip into the spiritual, it is more about the satirical sense of remembering and recognizing our greater abilities and creativity when we put ourselves into a playful experience.

Magic occurs when you do what you think you cannot and discover something more significant about yourself. The metaphor is in the methods you will discover on your journey and relationship to a playful life, from the start to the funnish line at the end. The Myths are found in the messages we create to accomplish our inspiring tasks in the play of the game. 

In this play, you will turn the tricks of blame, self-sabotage, guilt, grief, sadness, anger, insensitivity and judgment into acceptance, trust, joy, happiness, love, kindness, compassion and more as the treats of life every day in a playful engaging way. The magic allows you to move it all without having to engage with it. After 30 days of practice, you will feel more inclined to create your own magic and move more tricks into treats. As we progress each week, we will understand a whole new way to become aware, educate, apply and exercise the finer points of play all with a Halloween theme to make the boo bootiful and the ahhhhhh into ah ha ha ha!

The Magic of Reality

Turn anger into love                    Turn sadness into gladness               Brew compassion to turn hearts                           Project fun over fear          
This and more awaits those who want to direct their destiny, play with possibility and really understand what gifts they possess and magic they wield!

You take on a new role this month...

Be the Magician...    Illuminate Illusions...     Master Potions of P ossibility...       Fortell your Fortunes...

Get Started

1. Register and Receive Welcome Information
2. One-Hour Weekly Support & Info Calls 

3. Receive  weekly email support 
4. Materials for Play with Magic & Meaning daily
6. Create value with what you discover & explore

Our calls will be held on Wednesdays at 8 pm CST. Details of the call will be sent in the welcome email. 

8pm EST • 7pm CST • 6pm MST • 5pm PST • 4pm AST
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" If you have not played one of Lynda's games to grow on, you are in for a treat. She just proves over and over how much play engages us with our inner knowing. It's so uplifitng and it is great fun. I've paid thousands of dollars to discover just a fraction of what I learned in her $99 game.  Love the discoveries! "

Robert Chwalek

Building & Construction   Chicago, IL

People who play with life, educate the meaning of magic.

Play appreciates and explores

what more lies in store...for everyone

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