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 Inspiration Labyrinths

Creative Designs to Intrigue Your Mind

Experience a Walk with Yourself

In life, there are problems and solutions. Interestingly enough, we are always the ones present to notice them. We hold our problems and solutions internally. When we can begin to see that we are the common factor, and always present for when a problem occurs or a solution arises, we can begin to walk with both a little differently. 

This unique design offers a chance to identify and own our part in the way we see a question and participate in the answer because it is a design that provides us a walk with ourselves, through our own identity in pathways that make up our name.


Each letter of your name is an individual labyrinth and when you join the letters, you have a spectacular opportunity to unwind your mind and discover what you can find. 


It's a short walk of brevity to give you minutes of refreshment with narrow paths to help you focus and release what you might be holding onto.


Each combination of letters offers a different direction of reflection and with some, if you take the time to walk all the way through and ponder what you walked with and then finger walk your way back, the beginning becomes your ending and often a place for a new beginning.


Personalized Finger Labyrinths Designed with you in mind.


8" x 8" or 12 x 12"

Designs available


A 30 Day Program and a variety of ideas and suggestions for use are included in a 66-page book to make the most of your experiences. 

Makes a Wonderful Gift Idea

Understand yourself a little differently with short breaks for perception during the day.

Anytime you encounter a situation that isn't bringing out your best, it's a chance to find out why you are reacting and what you can do about it.  We don't give ourselves enough credit for all of what we are capable of creating. We often think of problems as difficulties, rather than the moments of truth that they are.  When we realize we are encountering something that doesn't sit well with us, we can take a walk to discover how the winding path can release our grasp and offer us a chance to evaluate other possibilities to consider. 

That's the simple premise behind the Inspiration Labyrinths©. Each unique design has the ability to remind us of our human design so that we can either unwind or rewind our insatiable and curious mind. 

A GuideBook of Ideas to Inspire
There are over 30 suggestions tucked into the pages of the accompanying book that joins your unique Labyrinth design offered from experiential wisdom in leading workshops, training, and group experiences. As it is the way of the Amused Muse to offer 30 Day programs, discover the walkability of ideas with a new presentation concept to walk with each day.  You can repeat any day or all of the days at any given point in time to inspire different responses.
It is an endless walk of perspective
for new and different directive.


"The book alone is a master's knowledge and wisdom shared to provide an insightful adventure each time you take to the path. You can use these words and ideas so richly in so many aspects of life. What an inventive idea and creative design this is. Worth a walk and then some." 


Mariana Dengorn, Certified Labyrinth Facilitator


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the design to make sure we understand any requests, comments, or to clarify what is included and what is not.

Each design usually ships within a week of the order, though can be longer during holiday seasons.  

Allow for the appropriate time in your planning. 

The Amused Muse designs from the Labyrinth of Gratitude Book
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Please be aware that the colors online are different from printed colors and the gradient highlights will be different on each design. We will match the available colors to the best of our ability. Once received we will confirm your order via email before we begin the design.

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