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Pandora Walks

A Directive for Humanity's Perspective

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Pandora is a name known in every culture from the premise of Ancient Greek Myth. The name itself means "All Gifted", yet the myth tells the tale of her insatiable curiosity and the resulting release of all the evils of the world. We have conditionally learned the story of the forces of good and evil in the world in such a way that we only know a part of what each can do. It is a story gripped in fear and reverence that expounds in a one-sided delivery that only serves to empower the myth and hold captive our capacity to evolve. 


The innovative design from Man in the Myth invites the Lady of the Labyrinth

to call it what it actually is, not a maze but a labyrinth. The design opens the center releasing the fear of our history and engages an ample amount of herstory in a way that balances historical bias and offers a feminine perspective of the role of women in guiding our planet. It is called Pandora's Message as it releases the hope that was tucked away and spreads it across humanity to remind us that hope has two sides to its story as well. What it also does is to set us free from what we cling to and offer us a chance to stand cling-free and consider what else we might be capable of. 

The Walks

Walk the Pandora's Message Labyrinth to expand perspective and to consider what might be possible for humanity with a step away from a conditioned existence to transform in small perceptible steps.

The walk is a movement activity that considers the talk of Pandora's Message and actualizes profound possibilities by exercising the discussion, questions, and thoughts to provide path perspective. 

The Talks

Pandora's Message becomes an opportunity to posit stimulation

from a vantage point of a humanitarian perspective. 

It considers our evolution and the things that have changed us. Beyond our understanding of good and evil and much farther than hope will ever bring us, is a new discussion for a changing time. We are all invited to exchange in a dialogue that presumes theodicy, a vindication for our moral goodness as a species. 

Presentations and group walks can be scheduled with designer Lynda Tourloukis. 

A designer of labyrinths and a guide for life development, Lynda infuses progressive learning with educational questions and concepts that provide food for thought. She brings a wealth of numerous studies in human behavior and a perspective to walk with to discover human capacity.  

A talk and group discussion is followed by a group or individual walk of reflection. Each group offers a variety of materials to expand upon so the walk will always contain the essential concepts, though will always be different for every group. 

Workshop Opportunities

Pandora's Message
The Canvas Design

The original canvas is 22 x 22 and large enough for a group walk of many sizes in a variety of methods. 

A Pandora's Message Talk is presented followed by a group Walk with specific topics resulting from the Talk. 

Where there is room for the canvas to be spread out to occupy the space, ample room is also necessary for the talk and for those who wish to observe from a distance. 


90 minute to Half-Day Experiences

Full Day Experiences

Pandora's Opportunity
Your Canvas Design

Workshops are available to create your own design where you wish to import it.  We weave the story of Pandora's message into your story and purpose. Those participating in the workshop create the design on-site with insightful concepts predesigned and ignited throughout our time together. 


Weekend Workshops

Week-long Retreats

Pandora's Community
Your Local Opportunity

Available community gatherings can be held at a mutually scheduled time of convenience for your group or organization. 

Weekly 90 minute classes are available for expansive learning about the myth, the metaphor, and the message. 


90 Minute Walk and Talk 

Finger Walking Group Experiences

Invite us to your workshop

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