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Cachination, an unadulterated exercise

Unadulterated might mean the same as pure, being that it is uncontaminated and free of blends. It is in it's own sense whole and intact. Though in the world of laughter Adulterated gives us a playful meaning in the reminder of when something has been touched by a serious grown up; it can lose its flavor and pure sense when we attempt to contain what cannot be contained and laughter is a great example. Put an adult in touch with laughter and all bets are off... they become Unadulterated. An adult that falls more purely into the laughter and just rolls in the full enjoyment of it, is not only a gift for our world, it's cachinnation!

This week while I am off in the land of laughter,cachinnation runs rampant and regally claiming territory over the joyous practitioners and the victims of seriousness alike. Cachinnation is not a typical expression associated with laughter, though that is because not everyone understands its valuable significance. At this laughter summit however, cachinnation is found more frequently.  In the laughter profession, having a larger vocabulary for mirth is handy because there really are so many ways to laugh. Even with sensitivity, there are other reasons laughter prevails too, though in our professional efforts, we honorably look for the most effective methods that bring about the most beneficial effect and remind us of the joy available to all. 

What then is cachinnation and how is it different in its laughter than what we naturally appreciate? In the sterile dictionary sense, cachinnation stems from the Latin verb cachinnare, which means to laugh loudly. Similar words in Old English and Old High German origins have similar meaning of bold and boisterous laughing as well. Further definitions also site a continuous runaway laughter that carries on with indeterminable length. So one might think of it as a more bold and full bodied laugh that rolls along across a broad expanse of dubious country confusing the serious and inviting the willing. 

I am guilty of such cachinnation, and with great respect to any offense or confusion it’s nature created for the joyful relinquishment it truly is.  This might be just the right time to appreciate the wondrous qualities of the gift of cachinnation truly provides us. I was reminded recently as I read an article finding it most delightful to see cachinnation described as a most joyful experience of continuously boisterous laughter.  I would heartily agree, it is boisterous, continuous and most delightful.  I realize that it is also a shame that the feeling of the expression is not naturally noted in its description.  As one who cachinnates,  I hope to give its definition a loftier more noble understanding. I don’t believe those who write these descriptions truly comprehend the fullness that these words actually offer.  I wonder as well, how many might know the value of a term for laughter that describes the complete surrender to the venerable truth that cachinnation offers?

I was further reminded by the recent congratulations to Lolita Aucourt, a friend in France and a new Master Trainer. We knew little of each other aside from our mutual connection to Laughter Yoga; though in a Chinese restaurant in Dourdan, France we came to fall into a cachinnated experience together, much to the curiosity of Dr. and Madhuri Kataria and our fellow Master Trainers. They took movies, snapped pictures and overall were a bit unsure as to how long we might last, though to us the journey was a joyous connection of soul that we later repeated only a few weeks later over the telephone in Spain. Even as I congratulated her, I know there was a smiling memory and a knowing that when next we meet, an inevitable joy would be revisited. 

Another curious experienced happened for me at a Laughter Conference in Vancouver, BC. A coming together of five souls led to an expedition and in the time we spent together we laughed into the incredulity of acute brain tumors, impending death, and detachment, and for this small troupe tickled by a laughter conference we indeed connected in a collective experience of cachinnation. It rolled on for hours, dropping for a short time only to be picked up at the most innocent of incidences throughout our two hour dinnertime break. On returning to the conference we resumed a momentary calm, sidetracked by the silence at the beginning of the laughter championships. Mistakenly we were included as an act and ushered onto stage. There was no thought process present to make rational decisions and the only honest response in each of the five intervals we were invited to, was to fall into what was later described as an orgy of laughter, piling on top of each other relinquishing to the spirit of release and joy that bound us together.

" We were in essence the most pure form of laughter..."

We were in essence the most pure form of laughter present and yet were largely misunderstood... at a laughter a laughter conference. I’ve come to know Cachinnation as a virulent strain of pure joy; it is uncontrollable and unconditional and a most wondrous experience not soon to be forgotten. Our only saving grace with those that thought we had ingested alcohol or substance altering chemicals (of which could only be the grandest distortion of the truth), was to arrive on stage the next day singing our grandest appreciation of Ho'oponopono. The Hawaiian mantra of forgiveness, I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you and I love you. In this our troupe was forgiven and welcomed back into the tribe. 

Vancouver Laughter Conference 2016 that had us rolling on the floor
The Famous Vancouver "Incident" of Laughter

Beyond the tribal consciousness, herd mentality here did as best as they knew to understand cachinnation, yet even the most professional among them were mystified. In this five individuals will forever be aware of this most joyous concept most intimately and innocently. May there be more who fall into this episodic enjoyment to know a greater truth. 

This might be a bit long as my weekly stories and information go, though as I was reminded of the fullness of the characteristics of cachinnation this week, I am reminded of the depths of joy one can surrender to with laughter. This might just be one of our deepest truths yet to discover as a human race; to cachinnate and know unadulterated bliss. If it confused the founder of Laughter Yoga and a whole conference of laughter professionals, then we might be on to discovering a basic truth and a new Fun-tier in laughter. As always however, this is a journey into the Laughter of Lynda... and that is ever a big LOL! 

Many thanks to Laura Gentry, Jane Voight, Lolita Aucort, and the laughing members of the Vancouver "Incident".... your photos really helped to make this point.


Lynda Tourloukis is fascinated by the depths and extent of laughter and where it can take us. She laughs and plays in a very real world of questions, guiding individuals to discover a greater source in themselves and a larger purpose in their existence regarding simplicity, integrity and joy as the hallmarks of her offerings.


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