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Laughter by the 70:20:10 Rule

Laughter can be appreciated in many ways and when we find a way to measure it in the business world, it brings more credence to our cheerful profession.

Based on a study of 200 executives who were asked to self report on how they learned, the replies formed an interesting observation called the 70:20:20 Rule developed by the Center for Creative Leadership. It may have some room for improvement, though how many stop to consider how they actually learn information?  

If we observed all of the ways we take in new information and process it, we might find we don't always do it the same, however we may see patterns in our process and that can greatly help us to accept more and appreciate what is unfamiliar. In this we learn more of the lesson of life, to know thyself.

The 70:20:10 Rule just happens to be a good model to demonstrate how we might process our understanding of Laughter Programs or Laughter Yoga as professionals. 

In its essence the 70:20:10 Rule states where our most productive learning comes from:

     • 70%  from challenging assignments

     • 20%  from developmental relationships

     • 10%  from coursework and training

In the experience of Laughter Yoga, most begin with the two day leader certification training. As a former leadership director, the term "leader" simply replies to one facilitating an experience, not leadership, however in the practice of sharing it, one often can find the traits of leadership to inspire the integrity of who we are and what we offer along the way. Those that take extra initiative in learning their own style of leadership, benefit with more professional engagement.  

10 %

Our two day experience can be thought of as the 10% coursework and training. While it is experientially based, it is full of information to organize, structure and incorporate meaning and purpose. There is a lot packed into our two days that reorients the mind to joy, a novel life concept! 

20 %

Developmental relationships occur when you learn to network socially. This is where many become islands onto their own and the isolation takes away some of the joyful purpose. This is where many get trapped in the money and worth questions because they haven't quite defined purpose. Get with people to share with people! That is where the Laughter Clubs, conferences, Skype gatherings and all importantly continuing education help. 20% may seem a small number in the learning process, however in the small model of relationship it transcends to the 70% in how we relate to everything. 

70 %

Finally the 70% of challenging assignments. Consider that this is about the active engagement of making your IT happen. This is the showing up principle and delivering what you offer. Continuing to do this, growing from what you learn and evolving past what you think you cannot do can be the challenge, though also your great reward.

It is where you learn the most and gain advantage for growing yourself, your professionalism and your purpose.


These three points roughly assess three key components in knowing and growing your subject matter. You might think of them as the triple triumph of Content-Connection-Commitment and you will have a dynamic approach in more of what you do to know and grow your ho ho ho!  It is why the Soul Joy Experience was created to introduce, educate and then integrate what is learned in a way that continually gives back every time it is offered.


Lynda Tourloukis has mentored Small Business as a Professional Coach and Leadership Director and shares everything from the simple how to's to the business plan in a light hearted manner for Laughter Professionals. She is a wealth of resource in human expansion and utilizes laughter and the power of play to engage realistic results that are often more than we might expect. This article is a repost from 18 months ago.


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