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Laughter for World Solutions

Many know of the great feelings laughter provides, though did you know that a practice of it releases stress and is the answer to many of the worlds issues?

There are many important reasons to laugh more and develop an exercise of it with regularity, one of the most important might be that in practicing laughter, we're not practicing stress. Once we fully remember our joy and use it practically, exercise is merely maintenance. As we understand our own relationship with laughter and personal joy, we become more globally impressed with the state of the world and how it can be affected by this simple and natural tool for living on the offense and championing a world for all. 

Where leadership drives the world, stewardship cares about what we drive and how we govern that impulse. Laughter is a marvelous method of governing self realization for a greater global heal-ization. From a global perspective, laughter can aid the ills and misdirections of society, rejuvenating our vitality where the indifference and division of issues such as aggression, sleep deprivation, technology and complacency prevail.  

Laughter triumphs Aggression

Where aggression could be purposefully used in the past to aid in survival, the days of the caveman are over and its primitive function does not serve our modern world. According to Stephen Hawking, noted physicist and life champion, aggression is the world's largest issue. It speaks of an imbalance of understanding and a need to control.

Where laughter is valuable in surrender capacity to release and loosen a stress oriented grip, what is remarkable is that it's innate function levels the playing field of whoever is in resistance. In doing so, laughter simultaneously diminishes the negative and accentuates the positive in creating an environment of respect and appreciation with a subtle shifting from positioning to pleasure. Global consciousness for this can create world change and it begins with mehaving wein mind. Where ever you share, care that it affects so many more than we can see. 

Laughter can improve the quality of our sleep


According to research, 50-70 million US Adults have a sleep disorder. About 37% of the population are not getting enough sleep and it can show up as well in the fact that over 48% of our population snores. The devastating effects of this irregular sleep cycle include diminished immune system capacity and function and our ability to have clarity and focus. Accidents resulting from the falling asleep behind the wheel, medical error in hospitals and lack of attention are costly in time, money and more precious to us, life.

Laughter's variety of benefits oxygenate the body better and give it a good work out that can produce a healthy tiredness to promote rest and rejuvenation. The muscles that may have been tense, now find a release as the benefits further produce relaxation and more of our function and circulation flows in natural order. 

Laughter is restorative for a body that has learned to maladjust for technology

Tech Neck has become a large problem with future implicationsin surgical spinal repair as it not only misaligns the body and promotes illness and lack of oxygen, it also diminishes mood with the aspect of looking down to use cell phones, computers or other devices. Laughter invites people to look up, toss their head back and release naturally. It promotes wellness through the greater oxygenation and boost to the immune system.

Laughter is an innovative application that allows us to take what technology offers us and adjust how we use it for more efficiency. Expanding the body to move more, we find better postures for the slump and sit we find ourselves in. Even having a laughter app on our phones or ringtones can be a way to work with technology instead of allowing it to work us. Laughter has a way of reconditioning our condition to a healthier one with greater well being in mind. 

Laughter reminds us of our vitality and threatens complacency

Complacency is a seemingly silent epidemic. Author of the Dangers of American Complacency Tyler Cowen, shares that we are largely unaware of how we have become committed to a complacent embrace of the status quo. Our reliance on comfort and reluctance in the area of change is having a ubiquitous effect that takes a toll on our dynamic lustre for living. Change is inevitable and a necessity that helps us to develop our edge and grow. The complacent issue is one of dangerous silence where innovation and creativity lose their ambition and we become sleepy, mistaking our lack of ambition and movement for satisfaction. It is more a sense of hopelessness and when we do not understand the important role that change plays in our lives individually and as a collective, we find our decomposition begins where our growth ends.  

Laughter acts as a wake up call, reminding us again of our vitality, joy and purpose. It shakes up routine and gives us hope.  Growth and education are found when we tackle, investigate and discover and when we apply laughter in the rough spots, we are doubly reminded of what is on the other side. We become the ones with the last laugh and the laugh that lasts just by inviting it freely and turning the routine rut of complacency into a dedicated practice of regularity. 

Aggression, deprivation, reliance and complacency are no match for what laughter provides and on a global scale, the opportunity of it is inspiring. When we seek purpose and usefulness in the world, one of the smallest ways to change to make global impact is to laugh. The me in the we is suddenly activated and alive in a way we were designed to be and what it creates in one can lead to infection in another. It is the one contagion we can all benefit greatly from catching. Simple, easy to do, conveniently available, minimal cost if any, and ready on demand... laughter!  Pass it on! 


An advocate for a better way, Lynda Tourloukis champions the benefits and effects of laughter and play for being a better person in a better world. Using the issues of life as questions and opportunity, she guides individuals in guiding a variety of ways to experience a life worth living and inspires great reminders for others in workshops, programs and retreats of playing with life.


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