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Mid Year's Message

The Middle of the year is a better time for evaluation because you can do something about the second half of the year after living in the first half.

Today is Mid Year's Day. It's the day when we find ourselves in-between what was and what is yet to come. It can give us a new direction or become a jumping off point in recognition of a time of decision; where we stop straddling the fence and choose a side or a new path to follow.

Moving forward more effectively uses well what brought us to this point and inspires what is with what can be. In a way it can reminds us of our birthdays, where all the activity and ideas from the last one are appreciated for their use, and the new gifts that present themselves to open, are to be applied in the year ahead. 

For those indecisive, considering it a birthday or a gift may appreciate a full wonder of the blessing that these choices can create.

Everyday is kind of like Mid Year, when we realize that the sun rises and falls without fail. We awake to possibilities and move with different energy in our morning and daytime than when the mid point arrives, as we then begin to prepare ourselves for the setting. Our recent teacher training in laughter certification had many reflections on time and in what emotion the measurement of it became fleeting and where it can seem endless. Laughter brings up emotion and not always the ones we understand fully. When laughter is exercised over many days, such as our training provides, both understanding and unknown are partners to appreciate in the unfolding wholeness of true learning. 

On this summer day of Mid Year in the Northern Hemisphere, take stock in the laughter you have created and wish more of in the future. Measure out the doses of joy and happiness you have been a part of and open yourself in meditation to experience the vast essence of love that you have both given and received in this year. Let it be a measure of the opportunities and possibilities realized or the ones that you can dive into more freely because you have either created or desired it. One of those will direct whether you play with what you have or pursue what you have not yet realized. The secret of love, laughter or even play's richness is in the moments we more fully open to it and allowing of it. 

Personal reflections of this year and the love and laughter that have been present, include more intensive and present care giving than ever before. Life has called forth this service more intensely this year than in others. It has been vivid and more rich than expected, finding a more personal note than public one in the journey of love and laughter, both knowing and affirming that the two are not mutually exclusive. On a global perspective care giving calls for a stewardship rather than one of leadership in how we care for this global planet independently and collectively as we care for ourselves. It is both a compassion and kindness and evidence for the feminine qualities that are rising in the world to serve us all.  I would have to believe this larger perspective of stewardship is the reason I personally have been so much more in demand and involved in the urgent care of others. 

Impatience has risen at times in this giving of care,  importantly purposeful to remind myself and perhaps reflect to others the ultimate value in self care as we strive to provide service and care in our purpose and mission. It is not necessarily the perception that we forget to care for ourselves, rather a very appropriately timed Mid Year point to reflect and embracehowwe indeed are doing so and how we might evolve from leading to stewarding. From our small moments to the larger placement of self within whatever circle and sphere of influence we embody, caring for ourselves is the most significant thing we can do for others and our planet. Truly loving ourselves will teach us how to love others best.

When we do it with laughter, we wake up what we have forgotten and learn to embrace it's emotional message as one of growth, freedom of expression and integrity aligned within Earth's most precious commodity, ourselves. Impatience has served to remind more that it is time to play again and to laugh, love and embark upon the marvelous playground of life with an eyebrow lifting curiosity that explores, creates and insightfully inspires the wisdom of satisfaction.

Where the conventional conditioned world of the known is erupting and shifting, the unknown invites the possibility of our potential and at this Mid Year point, an invitation.

May we joyously accept, play and enhance the world more fully for being in it as we evolve.


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