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The Most Joyful Breathing

In attempt to explain the benefits of Laughter Yoga and keep things on a very simple and basic level while teaching a class in Las Vegas, I explained that Laughter Yoga might be simply explained as the simplest and most joyful way to exhale.  It held a great truth and it really allows our breathing to become more efficient and most effective when we exhale deeper and longer than our inhale. 

When we laugh we naturally do this more, though in Laughter Yoga we exercise it so that what we begin in exericise becomes a natural laugh that exhales longer and more deeply. In this we are exercising our joy and our breath's exhale in one movement. We simply don't think of how beneficial this is and at the same time how joyful this type of practice can be. After all, who really exercises there laughter? 

Why practice? We all want to be happier and healthier, yet one of the easiest ways to create this is to laugh often, deep and long. 

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