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World Giggle Day

For years I have written to officials at Google as they change their logo to appreciate different memorials, holidays and events in the world. Each year I have shared a simple concept that might just be so easy to do as World Laughter Day comes around. 

World Laughter Day began as a holiday of Laughter Yoga in 1998, three years after the inception of the unique concept of combining laughter exercise with deeper pranayama breath of yoga. As Laughter Yoga is now in 101 countries and has over 6,500 laughter clubs at present actively sharing the idea of joy and world peace for no cost and no reason other than its the right thing to do for the world, it might be about time for Google to recognize how serious Laughter Yoga is in the world. 

The idea of simplicity is what Laughter Yoga is all about, taking the seriousness and complication out of life and allowing us to see what is true and awesome about ourselves and others. So, by simply removing two letters and inserting two others, Google can become Giggle! 

What a better way to create world peace as individuals open their browser to find the suggestion of Giggle... what will they do? Cross your fingers on Sunday and see if it happens... this is the 20th anniversary of Laughter Yoga... what a happy tribute! 


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