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Four weekly experiences online to invite four simple truths into our life in an insightful and meaningful way. Learn the basics in one 60-90 minute session each week of each of the four natural abilities with greater insight and application. Then use the supplied material via email for daily applications to understand more about your body, mind and soul with simple techniques that make profound impact. 

Each week is systematically more expansive, inviting another aspect of our human condition to become more familiar and appreciated. A valued lesson is included, practical application and discussion time provides a weekly kick off. With daily applications that are easy and enjoyable to apply in ways that we can appreciate a more playful sense throughout. Grow more expansively with what is learned. 


Explore the 12 week experience for more depth and engagement in each session. Four weeks is a beginning and twelve weeks is a larger investment in value and appreciation. 

Breath • Laugh • Listen • Ask

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