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The Program of Jolly in July has been offered for 10 years and developed studies and research along the way to support the great value and practice of learning to use laughter in a building practice in gradual increments for beneficial appreciation of the body, mind and soul. 


This is a 31 day program offered annually in July building the concept of adding another minute of laughter each day. Breath practice, meditation, body wisdom and emotional fortitude are all a part of the expansive experiential nature of what develops and grows in the everyday experience.

Insight with natural practices are offered daily with guidance and as this hour long program completes, participants feel more joyful, expansive, educated, expressive and without fail for ten years standing, all report flatter abdominal musles! 


Join us for the next Jolly in July program - July 1-31, 2019

Jolly in July

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