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A Rare workshop for Chicago...

Master Trainer Lynda Tourloukis will be in town for One Day workshop. Her years of experience and insightfully playful and soulful approach to laughter invites a continual look at what laughter can provide for the body and mind, though what it does from a soul perspective, is a journey to joy that she will share.  

With experiential activities and exercises this course:

• Explores the wisdom of the body

• How it identifies uniquely with each individual

• How are innate understanding can be expanded

• Exercises and educational techniques for laughter of the soul

• Meditations, breathing engagements and the Labyrinth of Joy

• Educational evidence from experiential participation

• Laughter benefits for the Introvert (half of us are important introverts)

• We know what laughter decreases, though do we know how to live in the increases? 

As always, I ask individuals what they want to get out of the experience, so a discussion circle can provide explanations and relevance to all that is activated. It is a joyful, soulful and divine experience to take you a little further on your journey, a little better for the experience of it. 


The world is in quite a confusing and inspiring transitional state, now is the time to offer such a program that can balance and get real... and a boost for humanity. 


As you register for the course, a link for the course welcome note and confirmation will appear. 


Laughter for the Soul

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