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Enjoy an INTRODUCTORY SAMPLER of four weekly sessions to Bring forth your natural ability with simple awareness and activity engagement. Gift this opportunity to yourself to begin to stir the potential of possibility and make some healthy changes to the way you think, how you feel, what you become aware of and discover how the essence of joy can seep into daily practices. 


 feel and become more joyful with guidance that appreciates your unique style, pace and purpose. Body wisdom is enhanced to give more understanding of the ways we can become "unconditioned" and learn more about how we live and can live, with fun as a function, this is all about elevating our emotional understanding in a way that helps us to look for what is right and use more of our natural potential.


Joy is natural and so are we. Learn and discern in weekly sessions of 60-90 minutes how to realize a more natural world that was designed with joy in mind. 


Natural Joy Service Offerings include: 
Complimentary 30 minute sessions available (see how this fits you)
4 Week Introductory Sampler  - $199

4 Week Gift Package - $199 
6 and 12 month programs available - Contact for Info
Independent or group sessions possible when available.  

Natural Joy Guidance

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