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Play the Game of Thanks!
Created in 2005, its enduring feature is what it awakens and stirs in individuals who appreciate and come back year after year to play! 


Using the E-Book, you can enjoy
12 Days of consecutive play

12 Weeks of growing play OR

12 Months of Self Development play


The book is design to give you the options and is set up to keep track of the way you play by setting a concept to play at the interval of time you choose. If you play for 12 Days, you can appreciate a daily concept, if 12 Weeks, play the concept out each day for a week and watch your comprehension grow. Play for 12 Months with one concept and you will realize a new way to be in the world. 


Participants come alive in an energetic realization that this is much more than just a game. Something internal gets turned on as gratitutde grows, attitude glows and aptitude flows.  The difference is whether you simply read the activity and do it once, or learn to apply and engage in what you are doing. It makes all the difference in the world.  


This is all about learning to play with concepts and awakening insightful ways to appreciate more gratitude, increased aptitude and elevated attitude to expand. People have minimalized the effectiveness of play, this shows you how powerful it can be. 


Join the Annual Game each November for more insights... people come back year after year to engage and grow... there is always more to know and to be grateful for! 
12 Days • 12 Weeks • 12 Months • Facilitation Course for Group Development Available too! 
Change the way you think about play! 

This is a one time download available for 30 Days after purchase. Please download as soon as possible. 

The Game of Thanks E-Book

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