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A 12 Day insightful journey into defining the expansive nature of compassion in daily playful applications that teach us to embrace the essence of what compassion is while understanding our own noble abilities to see the world as a greater place. Created as a game play for the Compassion Games of the United Nation, the 12 days of this program took on a greater depth of play and a more insightful development for ourselves and with ways to incorporate compassion in all facets of the world we live in. It greatly explored and expanded the nature of both play and compassion and it adopted a healthy guide for learning to live into our greater abilities. 


This is a daily check in game that builds everyone who plays in an insghtful appreciation and bonding in the spirit of compassion. We meet nightly for an hour review of how the play of our day expanded  ourselves and the topic we were embracing. The energy released was joy increased in what was discovered and we look forward to a greater expanse in the play of the upcoming year. 


September 9-20 ( Prepare for International Peace Day )
5pm PST • 6pm MST • 7pm CST • 8pm EST
Join us on Zoom


Materials provided for daily guidance and play

The Game of Compassion

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