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Be part of a happiness expansion in the world by changing your world in the coming year. Change doesnt happen overnight, especially one that focuses on joy as when emotions rise we are conditioned to the fight or flight of them and not the delight. Learning by turning the world upside down and visioning from a world that is inspired and focuses up is something that we are becoming ready to adopt and apply more regularly and mastering the mirth of our emotion is a wonderful opportunity to understand and apply personally and then share with the world. 


In this program you will obtain a sponsor to fund your program and offer monthly projects toward happiness, health and joy to that organization based on the projects that are instituted in this year long project.. Our monthly theme projects will undertake and appreciate growth in yourself and your sponsoring organization and will soon begin to expand into the world based on your emotionally uplifted understanding and sharing. This is how we change the world brilliantly and the economy of emotion by asking, learning and sharing.  How many organizations might we include in this year long project and how many individuals might we affect? 


Quarterly gatherings offer a great support and expansive learning that elevate the human condition playfully to engage our natural genius abillities and offer a greater understanding of what emotions can offer us in skill so that we use them instead of becoming used by them.  The more we learn each month and engage in learning each quarter, the more we expand the human potential in ourselves and the greater opportunity we present to the world's health, happiness, love and peace. 


This program meets physically four times in one year for a weekend  in Las Vegas (January), Orlando (April), Chicago (Sept), and Sedona (Dec)  Costs of transportation, lodging and food are not included in the course fee.  It's where the Game of Life adopts the Happiness of Humanity and a place where the world works in wellness and swellness. 

The Happiness of Humanity Project

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