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Take the 30 Day Challenge

People with disabilities face challenges every day, they end up displaying more ability than not, without really noticing what they have accomplished. The desire to return to normal when life throws a curve is something we have become accustomed to, though if we reached for what was natural, we would discover our true abilities. 

Participate in Positive Plasticity for your Brain
When you do something different every day, your brain learns something new, grows and improves. Disability can strike anyone at any time, it does not discriminate. With brain injury awareness we can realize practices, prevention, and plastic approaches to life's adversities. 

1. Download the Ability Calendar and begin on October 1st

2. Keep a record of the simple challenges and changes you become aware of. Notice abilities over disabilities!

3. Join Daily Email support.


4. Share your results. 

Want to receive a daily email to support your efforts?  

Register and receive daily group encouragement. It isn't required, but it's more fun to do this with others to support your efforts. 

Brain Injury Solutions is helping individuals to discover ability-over-disability. 



Brain Injury Solutions is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization


October is Disability Awareness Month

There is more ability in the word disability. One way to discover this is by challenging what you have learned or believe.  


To be amused is a challenge to disagreeability

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