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Welcome to the   Annual Game of Thanks

8pm CST




 Game of Thanks
Play with Simple Gratitudes in a Profound Way


Everyone who has played this game along with us over the years has walked away with some very affirming new ideas about the great fullness of life and some intriguing ways to play with simple gratitude, appreciation and thankfulness. It's simplicity is what makes it profound. Be curious.!


We engage with a new activity daily

You can create a simple or intense experience each day. Let curiosity be your guide and allow play to enter into the manner in which you carry out the activity for a more joyful and innovative approach to how you play. 

Take the simple instruction and see how fully you can implement the idea into each day.

1. You will receive a daily contact


We engage daily for inspiration, sharing and questions

Choose your time and commit to an hour of engagement and you will notice a more rewarding experience. We all are busy, this is a chance to develop yourself in a simple and indepth manner. You will discover much more about yourself, the human condition and appreciate understanding something new and inspiring to engage in post experience as well. 

2. You will receive a connection to the evening group interactivity


We keep it simple, but innovative and playful

This is your chance to experiment, expand and explore possibiilty ...and create opportuntiy. For 12 days engage in letting go and living with a mission, all while you interact with your normal day. 


3. How to Win... Participate

  • The hardest part of this game is keeping it simple, As humans we want to complicate things.

  • The second hardest part is taking ourselves too seriously and letting all that importance stop us from committing to stay with the daily program.  That is how we lose any game in life, when we belive in some other schedule than the one we want to create or be a part of.

  • The third challenge is to stop asking the expected questions and shift our perspective and broaden our horizon, 

  • Have fun, be curious, enjoy your innovations, reconnect and revitalize what is important. Play with each day. Stop keeping score of what is really and truly not important and engage with what is. 

Annual Game of Thanks

Course Fee


You will receive Welcome Notes within 24 hours of your registration.  You will receive the Game of Thanks E-Book and a note of welcome with connection information 24 hours of the commencement of the game. 

9pm EST • 8pm CST • 7pm MST • 6pm PST • 5pm AST
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15th Anniversary

More about the Game of Thanks

Other ways you can join our game include:

Play Solo

The Game of Thanks 

The Game of Thanks E-book

Purchase the book and follow along on your own. It gives you options to play alone or with friends or family. 


It lets you play at your pace in 12 Day, 12 Week or 12 Month options



Order Your Copy

The Annual Game

The Annual 

12 Days of Play

Join us to play and

be supported with daily emails, the Ebook version, and nightly discussions

and inspirations


All our discussion/inspiration calls are recorded



Play with Us

The Annual Game of Thanks

The Enhanced Game

12 Weeks or

12 Months of Play

Play along each week to discover more. Choose the 12 week model or 12 month

and each week be supported by a discussion and guidance call, weekly emails, and ebook support

Play at a slower pace to absorb more with lasting effects.


$99.00 monthly    Order

The 12 Week Game of Thanks

With Thanks

14 years ago this experience was fun and inspiring to engage in. It invited curious play to explore the concept of thanks, appreciation, gratefulness, and gratitude. Each night something more developed among those who joined us in an expansive quality that surprised, delighted, and left participants wanting to come back the next night.


Over the years, those that come back report that something new develops and their world grows larger. For many gratitude is a way of life. now. This game has been played in parts of Europe, the Middle East, India, Canada, Mexico, and across the United States with a similar report.

I hope that your engagement in gratitude with us changes you in a way that you love. ​

Lynda Tourloukis


I coach women to
find value. I played
this game with them, and it made an amazing and incredible difference for their self-esteem. We love this game and we thank you! 


Kholoud Barakat

I played with
my family and what an

eye-opener it was. We came together in such wonderful ways and it was incredible to see how much we loved playing together.

So grateful!
Maria Agnotti


Thank you. Loved this game. It uplifted me so much. I am filled with gratitude.

Madav MHaske


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