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Pandora's Message

Divining, defining and redesigning the concept of oneness and uniting the best of the feminine and masculine to unlock the treasures that humanity holds.

Pandora's message for discovering humanitiy's treasures

Lynda Tourloukis, The Amused Muse, has created and developed several hundred labyrinth designs. With Pandora's message her innovationredesigns with reverence the ancient wisdom of the Man in the Maze, while it brings a modern enlightened perspective of unity into a unique design. It compliments her powerful message about creating convergent pathways. 

As we continue to elevate the status and appreciation of feminine wisdom in the world, a new journey begins for men and women to find strengths and abilities that can help them work more effectively together.  


A rising opportunity exists along a path of possibilities calling for a step away from conditioned existence and an important walk for everyone to re-educate and lay down innovation in new ways. Through simple steps of practice and purpose discovery of the profound transformation is possible and yields an internal truth many are curious to evolve.  Beyond the known concepts of right and wrong, truth is a venerable honesty that gently asks if we are on our right path and moves with us in a supportive way that aligns with what we inherently know.  Truth is freedom. 

Utilizing the wisdom of the labyrinth provides an insight that speaks in metaphor and allows us to understand patterns of life we have ingrained. It tells us the truth and what we can learn is how to step with ease onto a path that works more favorably. 

The labyrinth is ancient, yet it currently provides us with tools for our everyday stride through life. Pandora's story is of ancient myth though humanity has been conditioned to contain hope as if it were our truth. Relearn the lessons of hope, rise above the misogynistic tale of Hesiod's Pandora, and realize a freedom that comes with perspective.

Pandora's Message is found in the masterful redesign of the ancient Man in the Maze Labyrinth. It appreciates the essential role of women in guiding humanity. It speaks to men and women alike. It no longer holds a mystery in an unattainable center, like Pandora, there is a new opening that asks brilliant questions. 

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