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Playful Realization for your Brain

The Neuroplasticity Games are designed to engage your brain in new ways. Through a series of choice oriented activities, groups and individuals can experience a shift in brain physiology. While you are having fun and engaging with others in what appears to be social play activities, your brain is at work paving new pathways between synapse points. This is like a new road being built or an old one improved. Instead of traveling down the same path to your destination, the navigational terrain is different and the endpoint may be too. 

When we do the unexpected, explore and actively engage, we define more of the capacity of our brain. The Neuroplastic Games are designed to make you think differently, respond from a new perspective, move with attention to notice and engage with new details, and enjoy the insights of playful adventures while exploring curious new ways to use more of what you are capable of.  


Neuroplastic Games open the possibilities within our potential: 

Move beyond knowledge to utilize Wisdom

Engage with Intuitive thought

Expand with Emotional Education

Realize Sensory abilities
Explore a more Effective Focus
Entertain more Efficient methods
Discover the genius of play
Notice Ease in Body Movement
Heighten Creativity and Strategical Process

It's unique and simple fun with a wild insightful twist. 

What is Neuroplasticity?

Neuro describes the combining form that is related to the nerves or nervous system. Plasticity is the quality of being easily shaped or molded. It changes from one form into something else. Neuroplasticity is defined as the ability of the brain to change continuously throughout an individual's lifetime. We call it fabulously flexible. 

In 1890 William James first made the suggestion that we could learn through our lifetime, though it wasn't until 40 years ago that the concept was researched again. This means that we have the capacity to continue learning and forming new pathways to understanding and comprehension throughout our lifetime. 

Plasticity is not always positive reinforcement, as some addictive behaviors and habits that are ingrained also assume this definition. What is good news is that these entrenched habits and beliefs can be altered and adjusted with practice and experiential engagement that focuses on adopting strategies for improvement and optimal performance.

Exploratory Experiences:
60-90 Minute
Discover a taste of what can happen in an hour with a greater sense of play.


From Knowledge to Wisdom
6-hour Introductory Intuitive Play


Integrative Potential
Weekend Play


Experiential Live Play
Challenge and Contribution
Quarterly Experiential


Invite Neuroplasticity Games to your Organization, Community or Event

Neuroplastic Weekend

Experience a Weekend of Neuroplasticity Games

June 26-28, 2020
Las Vegas

We kick off our first experience of play on Friday evening and then continue to build new pathways throughout Saturday. As we return on Sunday, many begin to realize a change in perceptibility. Some will find a sudden significant change in their efficiency or ease in performing a process weeks later. Everyone notes a difference, a happier feeling, and leaves with new neuronal circuitry in place. As we play, we educate and inform for a well-rounded improvement that is absolutely fun to enjoy. 

Appropriate for Age 14 -100


Course Fee: $300 pp

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