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Dec 1- Dec 31

Play Daily • Weekly Call  
 8pm CST

Where giving & gifting gift us in many ways!

Unwrap the Gift of Receiving...

An insightful way to explore the gifts in your capabilities, notice patterns to discover more purpose for yourself and discover a valuable look at how and what you receive.  Giving is natural, though receiving you will find can teach a great many insights into what you allow, intend and bring into your personal life prosperity.


For 31 days, explore and play with the idea of simple gifts as you gift to others

In the gifting, you will gain some valuable life lessons about some very significant traits, talents and perspectives about yourself that you will appreciate knowing. It is a gift to shift into what works, what's effective and what truly gifts you in life.


You can make this as simple as you wish. It is a lesson in mindfulness and expansion. You can go beyond the familiar routines of your life and discover something different, something new and something more profound because we play with ideas more realistically and that is the secret to really understanding. 

How to play...
1. Register and Receive the Ebook & Outline
2. Play with an idea daily & record findings

3. Receive a weekly concept email

4. Join the weekly discussion & guidance call 

1. Register & Receive


Receive your materials for the play that begins Dec 1st and continues through December 31st 

Like any game or activity, you have to participate to get something out of it. Register and you will receive your eBook for play and instruction outline. For this year, be the beneficiary of wisdom and guidance by the inventor and pay only for the eBook. It is your first gift in discovering your gifts. Pass it on so more can take advantage!



2. Play daily and keep it simple


Each day the book guides you to play with an idea and gives you space to record three elements. Dive into discovery!

The book is broken down into four sections that guide you on your journey designed to see past the normal and into the natural, notice patterns and see perhaps with new perspectives into possibility. When you come into it with an open mind and willing heart you begin to expand and appreciate so much more about yourself and that is where the gifts begin to appear. 


3. Weekly emails deliver support & resource


Every week a new way to evolve your perspective arrives in your email inbox designed with your expansion in mind

The email comes from the inventor who has broken down simple ways to shift perspective and encourage your commitment to your self-discovery. It taps into your gifting of others to enjoy a look at who it is that is inspired to give, how and why. What you do creates a pattern of development and looking at it from other viewpoints is enlightening and inspiring. 


4. Join the Weekly discussion on Mondays


Get more out of the experience by joining the group discussion call, discover different viewpoints and receive more support

Join the call to hear evidence of how others are receiving the concept and find innovation in the variety. Receive support and resource ideas from the inventor and use it for accountability in continuing your commitment to explore and realize the greater benefits from playing all month long. 

The Gift List Game for July

 Play the Gift List

The Gifts of July:
Two Choices of Purchase
E-Book for a Gift or Later Play $19.95
Or Join us for the Guided Game & Support  $ 99.00
Mondays at 8 pm CST
Dec 1 - 31


Join our Free Kick off Conversation Call
Sunday Nov 29 at 5 pm CST 

1 712 832-8320  Use Pin 906941#

You will receive the Gift List E-Book within 24 hours of your registration with a welcome email. Your first email of support will begin on December 1st and continue each week. Our calls will be held on Mondays at 8 pm CST. Details of the call will be sent in the welcome email. 


Tuesdays Dec 1, 8. 15, 22 and 29
8pm EST • 7pm CST • 6pm MST • 5pm PST • 4pm AST
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People who play with harmony realize a larger way to be in the world

Give •  Receive  • Grow

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