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The mission of The Amused Muse® is to provide portals to potential by exercising playful possibilities that show up in everyday life. Specifically designed programs, guidance, and experiential engagements provide an honest approach to recalibrating conditional living with joyful options.

The Amused Muse® is a service organization with roots in leadership and language that evolved and developed to engage the human experience with joyful perspectives utilizing the neuroplastic training of playful activity, the exercise capacity of laughter, exploratory breath practices, and behavioral change development to comprehend more optimal choices that provide a more realistic look at the life we live with options to do it all more joyfully. 


Playing with the word YES in 1999 to bolster a new way to look at life evolved into the potential of playing with life. With a career in leadership and personal development, guidance became an offering that greatly assisted groups and individuals to understand the lessons of leadership. By adding gratitude, the power of play met the expansiveness of thankfulness and the unique and enduring Game of Thanks was developed in 2005. Adding playful resolves to guidance became a strengthening of positive practices for neuronal pathways in the brain. Of the 50+ game and play activities developed through the years, each is a device for developing the neuroplasticity that rewires the brain, a number tend to move one into the neurogenesis of also building new cellular structure. 

It became important to move past the tradition of condition-based living in the offerings provided, so The Amused Muse became an innovator, naturally moving boundaries and inviting the study and research of alternative concepts and weighing it with the standards of science to develop evidenced-based results. Moving with a holistic approach to include the integration of the body and brain, the elements of mind issued forth to also include the essence of soul in all that was created, innovated, and designed. The premise was integration with integrity, If you don't feel the truth in what you do, look again until you do.

A small representative of the thousands served by The Amused Muse

The Amused Muse programs and presentations play with life to create more effective and efficient contributions for everything we do, and in a way that is amusing, enriching, and integrative for the body, mind, and soul's benefit and improvement. 


• Amusing Keynotes and Presentations on our capacity for joy, play, and the energy of emotion. 

• Innovative Programs, workshops, and training for advancing life education and efficiency in applications, and affective perspectives. 

• Inspiring Guidance for discovering better ways, enhanced relationships, internal realization, personal growth, and 

Beyond functionality is an expansive and meaningful experience of our genius journey.   

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