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The mission of The Amused Muse is to provide portals to potential by exercising and evolving the education of emotion through our natural genius found in laughter and play. 

The Amused Muse is a service organization with roots in leadership and language that began in 2004 and migrated to evolve the potential of human kind with explorations in laughter and play; realizing it as a way to steward the natural abilities of humanity’s potential





The focus began by playing with the word YES in 2004 to bolster a new way to look at life and evolved into the potential of playing with life. Adding gratitude with the invention of the creative Game of Thanks in 2005.  Playing with life through games and innovations naturally brought in laughter to engage and explore.. Using laughter for over a decade with play developed laughter, studies, research and applications to provide a depth in what play provided and what laughter offered. It was a blend of exercise for the body and activity for the mind that awakened truth of what we are capable of at a soul level.  Improvements in the body included an improved circulation and function on one hand and became an experiential awareness in body to mind communication in a world that has always understood the reverse. 


What further emerged was a new education for emotional comprehension and when integrated with play, provided a learning curve and inroads into untapped human potential by evolving emotional reference with a new education. Developing the emotion of joy, is key to opening numerous capacities and abilities; however using it specifically to educate about emotion in general adds to the genius of every individual's ability to function and relate in better ways.


The Amused Muse programs and presentations play with life to create more effective and efficient contributions in every thing we do, and  in a way that is amusing, enriching, and integrative for body, mind and soul benefit and improvement. 


Soul Joy awakens and evolves our sensory abilities.
Peace Paths innovate and expand synchronous patterns for greater capacities.
365 Live Play integrates and activates the sensory and synchronous for greater realization and exploration into the potential of what we are capable of.


Beyond functionality is an expansive and meaningful experience of our genius journey.