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Find More Possibility in Everything

There is more possible in the Impossible with play

May 9-30

4 Topics • 4 Weekly Calls

       Apply Daily     Each Tuesday 8pm CST


Play with Possibility

30 days to play and find creative and curious ways for every circumstance that calls your attention. Instead of responding in a typical fashion, this month gives you the opportunity to expand what you know and go beyond. Even if what you know is really great, what might be your next education? Improvement is everywhere and called evolution as life continues and finds a way. This experience can help you create some amazing opportunities this month because you are simply in the focus and playing actively with what could be possible! The impossible will never look the same after this month!  



• Watch your focus improve everywhere
• Feel lighter and brighter daily
• Awaken your curious sense of play
• Triumph with a whole new attitude

Life becomes more playful

We begin on May 1st and explore what is possible, elevating our view point each week and expanding our range in happy and healthy ways. Each week we build on concepts and join in for a weekly call of support and ideas. Every week new emails arrive with the weekly focus and the play begins. Evaluate your week and begin to notice what has transpired and tickled other ideas and possibilities. By month's end your outlook and perspective will be broader and reach farther. "I don't know" will not easily come from your vocabulary... because, you will want to know and you will understand more! 

1. Register and Receive Welcome Information

2. Begin play and continue daily, elevate weekly
2. Join 4 One-Hour Weekly Support & Info Calls 

3. Receive  weekly email support 
4. Experiment & create exciting evidence
5. Discover how much more is possible


Realize your great potential with Possibility and Play
Play this explorative experience daily in simple and easy ways to spark both curiosity and ability. Then join us for a weekly gathering to care and share with others. It is often as exciting to hear others share as it is to find your own fit. Everyone adds something and one thing we truly learn is how everyone offers us something. 


See the World as Possible
30 Days  $99   

  Includes: Facilitation and Guide Material


Our calls will be helpd on Mondays at 8pm CST. Details of the call will be sent in the welcome email. 

9pm EST • 8pm CST • 7pm CST • 6pm CST • 5pm AST
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People who see Possibility 
add to the world in a more creative and capable way.

Find what is Possible

Live in Positive Possibilities

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