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Human Expansion
A Five Day Immersion

A joyful new way into discovering more of what the human condition can inspire. 

The Human Expansion Five day immersion is the first step in the Soul Joy adventure. While a presentation or interactive day long event are available to provide an introduction into our breath ability, enrichment through laughter, the nature and genius of play or the expansiveness of the evolution of emotion, each offers a singular enticement where the five days of immersion provide awareness, application, education and a connectedness of soul, spirit and social appreciation on a deeper level.  It is the wholeness discovered with the combination and repetition that open the soul and invite expansion of the human condition.   

This experience provides personal introspective and professional insight for a personal journey and facilitation information for those who wish to begin to share this experience with others, It offers an enlightened ease that brings out the potential in ourselves and others with tools and techniques honed and utilized over the past decades from presentations, classes, workshops, conference and training events. In this, there are many proven pathways presented. The rest is exploration and discover.    

This course is full and rich and uniquely insightful for the individual to realize personal growth and development, Each day of the experience evolves what was learned the day before so that the completion provides an expansion of the human condition to consider what is more joyful and purposeful with a way to share this with the world, because we were meant to be joyful and this is our wake up call. 


The Soul Joy Experience - Human Expansion 

2019 TBA

Las Vegas, NV

Explore to Expand!

Take a happy look at a healthy invitation to expand your world and understand a unique approach to elevating the human condition with the insight of breath, laughter, play and how are emotions are designed  so that we can design our lives better.


The Soul Joy Experience
Step One - Human Expansion brochure



The Course Details...

The Five Days

Our five day schedule is comprehensive and falls somewhere in between retreat and training as when moving from mind to body, time is what is required for balancing the information and understanding what is ingested. 
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Vast and comprehensive, the benefits from this course our soul awakening and inspiring. There is a difference in what is conceived in the days of experience and with practice what can occur. Know that body, mind and soul each find their own elevation of joy.
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Sharing and Facilitation

This Expansive program is designed to invite something new. Our five days is to help ingest and adopt the joy because it is a different way of living than we are accustomed to. As we adopt these personal practices, simple ideas and techniques are available to share in a systematic way to provide other individuals an opportunity to enhance breathing practices, exercise and infuse laughter and play more fully in their lives. Expanding the emotion takes time, though you will be able to speak the truth of emotion the more you practice and share. Our follow up programs are designed to assist you with learning your human condition and its greater potential more fully.  

Facilitation skills and the differences for personal and professional approaches are shared throughout so that you will be able to engage a rich and full program initially. 

Core Elements
Breath Ability 
You will expand your comprehension cognitively and physically of your breath ratio with application

Laughter Infusion
Called as such because the way laughter is offered, exercised and applied in natural ways, it is similar to an immediate joy transfusion. 

Emotion Evolution
The way think and act with emotion is about to change and so is the way we look and respond to our world. It's life affirming and realistic for everyone.

Genius of Play
If we aren't playing with life, it is playing with us. Its not so much about taking control as it is about realizing what is possible and simply going after that. 

Class Completion

Our class completes on the fifth day with a new and expanded version of the person you walked in as. With joyful purpose, experience enriched and awakened directions, we send you off into the world to elevate consciousness and expand the emotion of joy wherever you wish to take it. 

Participants can use this information to increase the well being and swell being of the world in a simple one or two day program offered. Some may wish to put elements of the experience into their life or work they already do. When you improve yourself you improve the world and if its of a joyful persuasion it becomes a place we would all like to live in. 

Congratulations are offered with a ceremony and certificate of completion. Follow up information and access to materials is given to help grow the joy you know.  It is a joyous occasion to celebrate


Moving one a condition of understanding of emotion is simple in its structure, though comprehending, transforming and accepting can take much longer. Come into this to begin the change the world seeks to understand. Leave prepared to share so that you will take the expansiveness learned and apply it regularly. Create the win for all by getting more in touch with the joy in you. Your included in that all and isn't it time for joy?  Plan to have fun, experience something new and embrace the change!


We learn in a variety of ways and when we can adopt the concept of play, we learn more and retain better. So we'll play and adopt new information with real time value. 

Each class will be just a bit different as it is full of unique individuals with independent objectives, bonding with participants is an opportunity to exercise ideas, activities and develop our relationship to life. 

Some experiences are familiar classroom learning, many are hands on for experiential understanding and in certain locations where this expansion course is offered, excursions develop our sensory skills and support our education & evolution. 


Each training location will offer different venues and where some will be retreat style and all inclusive, others may simply be hotel arrangements. Your welcome notes will offer you the details of each training. 


Where a meal plan is offered, it is healthy, hearty and vegetarian 

Las Vegas Accommodations

Begin your Joyful Journey


Our Sage and Savvy three step solution for world wellness and swellness 
First take care of you  •.   Then take care of others.  •   Then add your contribution to the world.  • . Neve Stop Learning

We were Designed with Joy in Mind

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