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The Weekend Experience
An Experiential Introduction

The Introductory Soul Joy experience is a natural immersion into realizing the fun in human ability


Delve into a weekend of wonder. Remember again parts of yourself forgotten and reinvigorate what you know with an immersion into the joy of the soul   

Our experience offers a rich and abundant look at the individual characteristics of joy and relates them to the natural qualities of our breath with an innovative way to realize energy and emotion that is unique to current understanding and misunderstandings about this vital capacity of our human condition. We can learn to appreciate the often misinterpreted elements of both joy and emotion. 


This course is designed to invite an infusion of laughter with an educated reference to its greater natural abilities and the insightfully creative genius of play to incorporate our comprehension of joy and emotion. Our Breath's ability is heightened with activity and evidence for more productive and healthy oxygenation of the body and the brain. 


This will be a joyous wake-up call of what you are capable of with educational information to consider and the application of it in exercise and activity to create evidence for the evolving change that takes place in the body, the duality of our mind's processing and the filtering effect that emerges into our soul. It is rich and full and only the beginning. With heavy duty concepts to consider, this weekend of wonder turns into a weekend of wow by the simple engagement of active participation throughout. Expertly led by a Leadership Director, Coach and Laughter Training Facilitator with a creative streak for play, you will evolve and come to design your own new definitions by the course completion and engage in the depth of what could be called only the joy of the soul. 


The Soul Joy Experience - Introductory Weekend

Prepare for an Awakening
May 2-3


Explore the ability of Fun

Never underestimate the power of fun, This concept will be liberally exercised throughout and send you home with an attitude and aptitude make-over. 

The Soul Joy Experience
Step One - Weekend Experience brochure.



The Course Details...

Core Elements
Each of the Soul Joy Experiences evolves the five elements of Breath, laughter and play are utilized to educate and evolve our appreciation of emotion and joy. The Introductory Weekend offers an awakening to each with a unique perspective.


Breath Ability 
You will expand your comprehension cognitively and physically of your breath ratio with application

Laughter Infusion
Called as such because the way laughter is offered, exercised and applied in natural ways, it is similar to an immediate joy transfusion. 

Emotion Evolution
The way think and act with emotion is about to change and so is the way we look and respond to our world. It's life-affirming and realistic for everyone.

Genius of Play
If we aren't playing with life, it is playing with us. It's not so much about taking control as it is about realizing what is possible and simply going after that. 


Essential Joy
To truly discover the often misrepresented aspect and ability of joy, the weekend offers the opportunity to explore and consider an introductory enjoyment of it with a sage appreciation for developing more of it. 

Vast and comprehensive, the benefits from this course our soul awakening and inspiring. There is a remarkable and insightful difference between knowing something and having an experience of it.  With our education and application, this weekend offers a variety of advantages for the body, mind, and soul to open and discover an elevation of joy.

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We learn in a variety of ways and when we can adopt the concept of play, we learn more and retain better. So we'll play and adopt new information with real-time value. 


Educational concepts will be shared and then applied with exercise or activity to consolidate the learning. This provides an insightful personal experience and offers credibility for the information received. 


Group activities, partner experiences, and individual perspectives along with discussion are the practical applications that deliver a variety of fun, enriching and engaging opportunities to realize with.



This course was designed to offer a look at ways to use our natural abilities for our benefit. The world is changing and so are we along with it. We want authentic, trustworthy information that helps us all to grow, more, know more and really learn to flow more easily with practical and simple concepts that tap our potential and add to our life quality.

and all in a way we can enjoy.

Lynda Tourloukis

The Amused Muse
Author, Inventor,

Facilitator of Life Design

Lynda'is a consummate innovator. Her background in leadership, coaching and emotional education enhanced her 12 years as a Certified Master Trainer with Laughter Yoga. As a designer of play for life, she brings an expansive quality of enrichment to all her programs.

The Weekend Schedule

Our schedule is comprehensive and conducive to exploration, discussion, and experiential appreciation. There are active sessions that engage body and mind designed to create an optimal joyous and soul-filling experience.

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Each training location will offer different venues and where some will be retreat style and all-inclusive, others may simply be hotel arrangements. Your welcome notes will offer you the details of each training. 


Where a meal plan is offered, it is healthy, hearty and vegetarian 

Chicago Accommodations
Las Vegas Accomodations

Accomodations for experience

Joy has been defined by leading experts with opposing views and confusion about happiness. Emotion is assigned with a predominance for negative traits. Laughter and play have often been trivialized as being unrealistic for a busy word and breath isn't typically appreciated until we struggle for it.


Understanding that energy is matter and change is constant and something we move all the time has emerged from the "Woo-Woo" category to begin to be appreciated for something different.  


As the status quo of current consensus for a busy, overstressed world begins to emerge and look for something better, this weekend offers a new lens of appreciation to educate, apply. and realize the natural quality of what can fill the song of your soul. Let this weekend offer you an uplifting and pleasant realization of your abilities.​


Begin your Joyful Journey

Our Sage and Savvy Simple Solution for World Wellness and Swellness 
First get introduced  •.   Then Immerse yourself in experience  •   Educate & Apply what you learn • . Never Stop Learning

Facilitation Training. •. Cultivate World Cheer

We were Designed with Joy in Mind

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