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Jolly in July

The Greatest Ab & Attitude Workout that shows you so much more 

Open to everyone. This is a FREE annual program researching and exploring the expansive uses of laughter to alleviate world stress 

How to Get Jollier in July

This is our 7th Annual event and what fun to have you join us! 
Each year we play with a little something different to explore and develop our relationship and committed practice to joy over our practice of stress... its a winner! 

The Basic Element is to add one more minute of laughter each day so that you gradually add laughter to your life in a more lasting and effective way. Simply laughing for an hour once a week is nice, but in this month-long program, you will begin to notice things that are life and laugh changing... physically in your body, mentally in your cognitive mind process, emotionally in the way you relate and spiritually in the way you connect to everything. 

Take our Pre Evaluation at the beginning and you will receive one at the ending for a great look at the evidence you are creating! 

We are adding elements to make your commitment more meaningful
   1. Laugh one more minute each day in July
    2. Follow this with one more minute of silence each day

    3. Follow this with one more minute of automatic writing

Do all three and you will find out some wonderful evidence for laughing, listening and observing what you experience. By the end of the month, your Abs will be stronger and more solid and your Attitude will have uplifted. The other little notices are a bonus and a result of adding in points 2 & 3. 
Go at your own pace. Join us daily on Skype at 9 am CST
Send your skype name to LaughterYogaLife on Skype or send it in an email and we will look it up and call you daily at 9 am CST

July 1-31


    Join us Everyday on Skype

        7am PST • 8am MST • 9am CST • 10am EST

Add LaughterYogaLife  on Skype

Now in it's

  14th Year!

This event is a way to add to the happiness of Humanity. It has always been FREE and will continue to be every year! Take advantage of one of the simplest and most joyful ways to create helpful hopeful happier change for our planet

Your registration helps to add you to our Skype list for the daily calls. We'll call you daily to help you stay committed to fun, play, and joyful life experience. It also helps to evaluate before and after the experience. 


Get Started
1. Register and Send us Your Skype Name
2. We will call you every day at 9 am CST in July only
3. Laugh one more minute each day, Silence for one minute more
4. Bonus/Option - Automatic writing 
5. Join the discussion

6. Evaluate your results on July 31... Woohoo! 

People who practice laughter Practice less stress


They add to the peace of the world
by being a piece of the peace!

Research, Study and Experimentation: 
This is a fun laugh and life deepening program that has been researching and exploring laughter for 7 years.
All participant responses are recorded for the research and study aspect. 
*This program is offered by a Master Trainer of Laughter Yoga who is also a Professional Life Development Guide and a former Director of Leadership with a curious and playful inquisitive nature who has noted that there is so much more to laughter that can make meaningful differences. July 2009
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