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Step Three
Education with Application


Experiential Learning
Experiential education gives us the hands on personal understanding of what we learn. Compared to written and auditory learning, the experiential opportunity almost triples the comprehension with retention 


We explore when we want to know more.. 
As the Human Expansion Experience closes, these next steps support the growth and practice of our joyful existence. We've practiced stress and fear for so long that truly believing we were meant to be joyful can seem to be far fetched and a distant idea. Somehow in our inner core we honestly know that we were not meant to suffer and that joy is our natural birthright. That's why it becomes essential to practice the truth of what is discovered and develop health habits that serve and inspire our life. 

That's where these programs come in to support the changes that are made. Years of leadership, coaching and training provide the truth of human behavior's success when we find ourselves in league with intention, support and accountability. Though when we discover how to embrace the passion and enjoy the process of our own evolution, we begin to discover a side of ourselves that is wildly wonderful and full of potential. 

Whether your practice is of a personal nature or to offer professional services, our leadership grows with both education and application with consistent and joyful approach.

Embrace what's great and share it with others...

To develop ourselves both personally and professionally, we embark on a joyful education with application that improves our confidence and abilities in professional sharing and we learn how we receive as we give. 

12 Week Programs 
Weekly 60-90 minute Online Group Meetings
Weekly Objectives
Joy focused accomplishments
Professional Development
Getting started and leading others.
Group discussions, sharing, progress and strategies shared weekly.


Program One - Get Professional and Get Moving
Program Two
Discover Purpose, Professionalism, and Personal Growth and your Relationship around compensation and money matters. 

Recommendation: Take program one even if you have started. If you want to know and grow, it will help. Then take program two to get smart and savvy and make fun work for you.                                    Evolve Now with More Info

t6-12 Month Programs

Group Collective or Private Individual
Weekly One Hour Online Meetings  

Weekly Objectives Joy focused 

Personal or Professional development that is focused on the new education and evolution of emotion. Ideas to implement, education to explore and applications of concepts and theories for evidence and evolutionary progress.

 Individual Personal or Professional Emotional Joy
Personal Group focus on Emotional Joy Evolution
Professional Group focus on Emotional Joy 

                                                       Evolve Now with More Info

Program 1          Program 2          Program 3



License to Laugh

What our Soul Joy Experience opens, this program guides with actionable steps that create a fluid feeling of fun and a way to ask, appreciate and exercise with professional assistance. 

Expand your personal understanding and adoption of breath ability along with laughter infusion and elevate in steps the insightful and inspiring use of our emotional abilities.


Each week an exploration is provided to expand awareness with actionable practices. As each participant completes the experiences, a License to Laugh is something that will have a great new meaning with fun intention.

Next Course:   Aug 2 - Oct 11


Each week online classes offer a new exploration to apply during the week in personal or professional application.  

Concepts, experiences, and resources are shared, dialogue among group offers insight and tips and techniques provide for lessons and learning with breath-laughter infused applications.

The course is designed to create ten offerings with an introductory planning and preparedness and a closing evaluation and continuation exercises. Well rounded realistic tried and true activities create a professional edge and/or a personal development. 

Open to Soul Joy Experience participants and Certified Laughter Professionals.  Course Fee: $499

Earn your very own License to Laugh for a Professional Edge.  License, Certificate and Workbook Manual Included



Employ Your Joy

This is a 12 Week Professional program for those who want to cultivate a direction with purpose and passion to share their gifts and abilities with others. 

It specifically unearths a participants abilities and explored potential opportunities, It is an extension of our License to Laugh, though gives aim to sharing your abilities in a way that is meaningful and purposeful in the world. 

Designed to follow the Human Expansion and License to Laugh Programs, it delves into what you've discovered and finds a path that is joyously purposeful to follow in personal or professional life. 

Next Course:   Oct  -  Dec

Course Fee: $499.   •    Course Workbook, Certificate, and Joyful Prosperity Plan

Because you can share what you do have... 
If you only knew how to define, design and direct it. 

Employ Your Joy

We learn the discerning art of defining what has been opened and explored with breath ability, laughter infusion and what has evolved in emotional fortitude. Then we design the path of your intention that independently fits your abilities and passion. Directing the flow of the definition with intention is joyfully unfolded into a plan of purposeful application .

We regard throughout a healthy look at compensation and our relationship with currency making a large component of this program about building the fun money.

To many just want to make money, and that is where they fail. This program is all about bringing out your natural abilities and aligning them in such a way that you are enthused and enjoy what you do.

It is the greatest gift we can give ourselves and when we can relate to receiving compensation for offering that, we can employ our joy knowing a real truth. 


6 and 12 Month
Independent Guidance Weekly Sessions
Group Guidance in Weekly Sessions
12 week Fun Focus 
30 Day Experientials
Special Events

Purpose with Possibilities

Life's meaning and purpose seem to get away from us when they aren't defined or practiced. Distractions can occur and memories can rise that remove us from our natural state of existence. We were born to be alive, live fruitfully and discover who we are in a world of others doing the same. When we can remember that, we know we are all learning and discerning all the time. 

Natural Joy opens and reminds us of the life giving reality of breath and the abilities in which we can use and apply it more functionally.  An infusion of laughter can create a new condition for the body to learn its possibilities and play with more of them. With breath and laughter we change our physiology and emotion rises, though our understanding of emotion has been conditionally unaccepting and fearful

Discovering our Natural Joy is a delightful and insightful discovery and an evolution of our human existence

Infect the world with your possibilities


Guidance for Individuals and Groups in 60 and 90 minute sessions weekly offers a whole new look at the world of emotion in a lighter and brighter method and we can discover how to use emotion to put fun in our function instead of letting it use us. 

Life can be so much different than we ever imagined and where the weekly sessions can be simple discussion, they are also comforting in the playful and imaginative exploration of what is possible in any situation. 

We are working with a whole new way to incorporate our existence and where change is wonderful, the consistency we develop in practice over time is factored by our openness to receive new information, willingness to take action and readiness to transform. 

Because Emotions Can Elevate the Human Condition

If we only knew it was possible and how to do it...and how amazing we truly are!


Our Sage and Savvy three step solution for world wellness and swellness 
First take care of you  •.   Then take care of others.  •   Then add your contribution to the world.  • . Neve Stop Learning

Begin your Joyful Journey

We were Designed with Joy in Mind

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