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Imagine a joyful brain stimulated by curious exploration.

Brain Gains

Stimulate your brain with these fun fundraising events


Laps for Peace
Ability Challenge
Giving Tuesdays

Brain Health

The brain is a complex system of operation
functioning to coordinate our human capacity.


Physical and mental workouts can boost proteins and chemicals in the brain to optimize and grow the plastic neural connections that transmit messages of comprehension and application.


Amusement can be a vast tool for expanding capacity that activates and stimulates many brain areas for an overall improvement in mental and physical health. Laughter and play are becoming more recognized for their expansive benefits to overall health, and our ability to optimize potential through imagination and innovation.


Beyond the desire to rapid-fire our brain function for instant effect is the reality of healthy practices that are natural to our body and native to our soul purpose. 

Just by doing something different each day your brain gains new information.

Brain Concerns

Brain Injury does not discriminate anyone can be affected.

Statistics in brain health tell us that one in six individuals in the United States is affected by brain injury. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), 3.5 million individuals have been affected each year and this number compounds in the years it takes to overcome or adapt the myriad of symptoms it can produce. ​

Brain Injury

Traumatic Brain Injury
Acquired Brain injury
Focal Brain Injury
Diffuse Axonal Brain Injury
Anoxic Brain Injury
Subdural Hematoma
Brain Aneurysm

Second Impact
Shaken Baby Syndrome
Penetrating Cranial injury


5.3 MILLION people in the U.S. are living with disability as a result of brain impact
In 2020 ONE MILLION people in the
U. S. will be living with Parkinson's Disease.

Currently, ONE MILLION people in the U. S. live with Multiple Sclerosis.
Almost ONE MILLION people in the U. S. live with Aphasia


The Power of Your Plasticity

Neuroplasticity refers to the malleability of your brain. Learning about plasticity is plasticity in action. Our brains are not fixed and adapt to each experience we encounter to learn new memories. This means that it is neither good nor bad, as all experiences engaged change our brain. 


Focusing on the learning and memory experiences that arouse our curiosity and spark our imagination or the events that deepen our concentration and expand our mindfulness are the plastic elements that build the connections in our miles of neural wiring that positively affect us


Even with brain injury, impairment or disease, the brain is still able to build new synapses of strength. Laughter and play are merry medicine for a positive progress without side effects. 




October is National Disability Month

   Take the...

Events for Brain Health


Laps For Peace

An annual event held on International Peace Day.


Ability Challenge

An annual event held in the month of October to honor National Disability Month 


Living Tuesdays

Learn a new way to appreciate your life, your year and your Tuesdays!


Grey Matter Review

Walk the Brain Labyrinths for a year's reflection of white matter, grey matter and what matters.

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