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 The Riddle of what's in theMiddle 

Discover Playful ways to unlock the riddles purposefully

July 1-31

4 Topics • 4 Weekly Calls

       Apply Daily     Each Monday 8pm CST

Did you

know that Play is the  Key?


July Marks the Middle of the Year!

The beginning of July marks the midpoint in the year, it is halfway through and half of the potential of this year is yet to be discovered. Play is one of the greatest methods to discover and unlock the secrets that are unknown. Play helps us lift our potential and makes learning fun. Before we forget to be conditioned or fearful, we get creative and curious in play and discover a great many things in a relatively short time comparatively.

In the middle of our being, we hold the truth and secrets of our potential to explore; they are guarded well. Play can unlock the goodness and greatness of the middle and explore the riddles for the rest and best of our lives... play adds the zest to it all! 

   •Riddles Become Fun Questions
   • Play with Curious Excavations 
   • Test theories &Tickle YourTreasure


Join the 30 Day Expedition

Define your direction and purpose, plan your pathway and begin with daily explorations that move the mounts of exterior riddles week by week; uncovering evidence and enthusiasm for what lays within. It is a journey to the center that is moved with purpose each week uncovering more and finding with play a softer and curious approach to discover the creamy goodness that is packed into the center. A paced and steady approach will mine more than a fast hard strike.


The riddles to the middle are plentiful and playful to explore and discover evidence that will help you move to a new level inward purposefully each week. By month's end, you will have enjoyed the exploration of the journey and find it as purposeful as the discoveries that reside within.

Get Started:
1. Register to get into the experience
2. Practice simple exercises daily

3. Join 4 One-Hour Weekly Support & Info Calls 

4. Receive  weekly email support 
5. Play along & uncover truths of greatness


Play with the Riddles and Discover the Middles
Join us for this facilitated experience weekly with daily play exercises. Each week we evolve something that is meaningful and life-changing, moving you purposefully past the riddle and into the middle. 


Solo Participant $99   

                                     Includes: Facilitation and Guide Material

Our calls will be held on Mondays at 8 pm CST. Details of the call will be sent in the welcome email. 

9pm EST • 8pm CST • 7pm CST • 6pm CST • 5pm AST
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People Discover, Unlock and Explore with Play.

Create a curious and playful path in all your questions, wonderment and riddles.

Be a Better You

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