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To make a better world we can concentrate on making a better self. A practice of laughter is a choice to offset the unconscious practice of stress that we often unknowingly create. Everyday laughter for each day of the year offers a chance to feel the health benefits, explore the fun in the function of your cognitive skills, observe and react differently with expansive emotional choices and open to a soul filled connection of what is possible when adopting a practice of laughter to your life. 

The daily committment can be done solo or you can join in an online Zoom session or telephone conference that is hosted each day. The call time will last 30 minutes each day giving time for an opening and question and answer at the end.  Each month a new theme is offered to continue the growing and ho ho hoing. You can learn to breathe differently, laugh more heartily and authentically and enjoy this new practice of joy that is our given birthright. 


This course has no fee, though is open to donation and once you have registered you will be given the option to donate once or a little each month to aid the fun and function of our program. Your donation can be time, money, sharing or however you wish to contribute in gratitude for what you receive. In this small way, you become the contribution and part of what makes the world a better more joyful place to live in. 

365 Days of Laughter

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