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Play the Annual Game of Thanks! 

Created in 2005, this annual game in November offers a growing energy of gratitude that is felt in the dialogues of sharing, experiences and wrap up after

that are included. Individuals come back and play again as there is always something more to grow and comprehend... it is about learning to play and using gratitude as our focus, the play expands in global considerations. 


Daily emails arrive to kick off the day's play with activities that expand the possibilities in our abilities. The day's focus is simple and so is the play, though what we can do with it is limitless. That is what makes the nightly sharing so expansive and felt intensely by others as it is shared. This is all about learning to play with concepts and observing how gratitude grows, attitude glows and aptitude flows.  We keep it simple so you can have fun...and add meaning!



 $99.00 course fee.
12 Days of Play • 12 Daily Support Emails • 12 Evenings of Consolidating Dialogues • 1 E-Book for further support • Oodles of Appreciation gained!


**Facilitation course for schools, organizations and community development programs available

The Annual Game of Thanks

  • You will receive a link to the Welcome Notes for the 12 Days of Play. A separate email will be sent to the email you use with a link to download the Game of Thanks Ebook 

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